A crashed spacecraft on the back of the moon? Is it true that astronauts have brought back female aliens?

I don’t know if you remember the news in 2014. At that time, it was spread on the Internet that there was a crashed spaceship on the surface of the moon, and the astronauts also called back the news of the three eyed female corpse. This news caused a huge sensation on the Internet at that time. If there were spaceships and three eyed female corpses on the moon, it means that our understanding of the moon is still very simple, and the moon is the only one There are many secrets hidden in the body.




Is the 20th real?


This news is the Apollo 20 plan of the United States. In fact, this news has aroused many people’s doubts. According to the public data, the United States did not carry out this flight plan at that time, and the Apollo program did not have the Apollo 20 plan, so this news has caused great controversy. Although there are still many loopholes in this plan, according to the information of foreign media, in the Apollo program, astronauts found thousands of years of urban ruins on the moon, and there was a crashed spaceship. In the spaceship, astronauts also found a female lunar man with three eyes. At that time, the astronauts were very surprised when they saw the scene, so they brought her back to earth. At that time, the US authorities also covered up the news. So is this news true or false?


There are aliens?


Many people think that this plan is nothing. After all, according to the information we can find, there is no Apollo 20 plan. Even if other astronauts find a crashed spacecraft on the moon, they may not be able to return to earth safely. Since Apollo 17 returned to the earth in 1972, no country has been returning to the moon. This behavior has also aroused the suspicion of many conspiracy theorists. They think that if there is no secret on the moon, why does human beings not return to the moon? Maybe the astronauts discovered the existence of alien civilization on the moon, and they gave up the moon landing plan because they warned people that they could not land on the moon again.


Until now, the world is also full of many controversies, but from the satellite photos, there are no spacecraft on the back of the moon, just a lot of craters. Although many of the photos are suspected of traces of urban ruins, it is just a landscape formed after tens of millions of years of natural weathering.


Is there life on the moon?


If there were really secrets on the moon, Apollo would not have ended. In fact, since recent years, more and more people have believed that extraterrestrial life really exists. If they really appear in front of human beings, perhaps the degree of civilization is more superior and powerful than human beings. So if there is a crashed spacecraft on the moon, it may not be good news for human beings. After all, the distance between the earth and the moon is too close.


At present, more and more countries have begun to explore the way of the universe, so it is very possible for human beings to discover extraterrestrial civilization in the future. Maybe they are watching human society in places we can’t see. What do you think?

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