A despairing law of physics, scientists claim: would rather not find it

I believe many friends are full of curiosity about the universe. The universe is very mysterious. Scientists have explored for many years and found many new things, but there are still many unsolved mysteries.

It is precisely because of the discovery of these mysteries that scientists have been constantly exploring, and human civilization has been able to make continuous progress.

However, scientists have found a law that makes people very desperate. Scientists say they would rather not find it. How terrible is this law? Why do scientists say that? Continue to explore with Xiaobian.


This despairing law is the law of entropy, also known as the second law of thermodynamics.

It is well known that the development of things must follow the objective laws of nature. No matter on the earth or in the universe, all things are bound to perish when they develop to a certain stage.

The law of entropy increase was proposed by German physicist Rudolph Clausius, who introduced the concept of entropy to describe an irreversible process.


It sounds awkward, but the law is easy to understand. Generally speaking, the development of anything will consume energy, and some energy consumption is irreversible.

For example, if boiling water cools down, electricity is needed to make it boil again. Power generation needs to be transformed by water, wind or nuclear reactions.

Everything that happens on earth consumes energy. If the universe is in a closed state, then the entropy of the universe, that is, the degree of disorder, will inevitably increase with each passing day.


When these energies are continuously consumed and no new energy is input, all the creatures in the universe will be extinct until they disappear.

The discovery of the law of entropy reveals the essence of the evolution of the universe, explains the mystery of the development of the universe, and also predestines the fate of human beings. Therefore, the discovery of this law is despairing.

Maybe in the near future, scientists will discover new materials and turn their sadness into happiness, because the universe is so mysterious. What’s your opinion on this? Welcome to comment area.

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