A disease that many scientists and artists suffer from does no harm to their bodies, but their intelligence soars

Richard wallow, a famous Scottish painter with amazing artistic talent, began to exhibit his personal paintings when he was 17 years old. His works were collected by Margaret Thatcher and other social elites and political celebrities. An art professor from London praised his paintings as “a great treasure, with the accuracy of a mechanic and the vision of a poet”. Many people who know this great painter say that Richard wallow is an autistic.


You may find that many people with super long attainments in some fields may have “different from ordinary people” thinking, such as not good at talking, brain damage, and even some people may look like “retarded”, but they have extraordinary imagination and creativity. In medicine, it’s called “scholar syndrome.” these people are really sick.

“Scholar syndrome” is proposed by Darold treffert, a psychiatrist at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the United States. It refers to people who have cognitive impairment but have extraordinary abilities in some aspects, such as art or academic.


According to the survey, 50% of these patients have autism and 50% have brain damage. Among them, 10% of the patients with autism have scholar’s syndrome at the same time, and about 1 / 2000 of the patients with brain damage have scholar’s syndrome at the same time. Their IQs are all lower than 70, although they are far lower than ordinary people. In some special tests, they are far better than those of normal people. Therefore, patients with scholar syndrome are often called “idiotic genius”.


Although it looks like an idiot, it seems strange to have such attainments? Indeed, when God closes a door for us, he also opens a window for us. If God closes your eyes, you will use your ears better. Although part of the brain of these “idiotic geniuses” is damaged, studies have found that they are often damaged in the left brain, which is responsible for social communication. This also leads to the development of their right brain, which leads to “never forgetting”, super mental arithmetic ability or super artistic creativity and so on.

What about? Do you want to have such a disease? If you want to be a scientist or an artist, maybe such a disease is a “good choice” for us

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