A failed exploration of the moon, but the earth’s most tenacious vitality of life, left on the moon!

A failed exploration of the moon, but the earth’s most tenacious vitality of life, left on the moon!


Since ancient times, human beings have been curious about the moon, because it is the only satellite of the earth. No matter in China or in the west, all kinds of ancient legends have mentioned that there is not only life on the moon, but also more than human beings, so human beings have always wanted to really land on the moon. However, nearly a century ago, after Apollo of the Apollo program, when three astronauts actually landed on the moon, we found that the environment on the moon was completely opposite to what we imagined.


There is not only no life, but also nothing, a desolate, the surface of the moon is just full of craters. There is no atmosphere on this planet, and the cosmic radiation is directly exposed to the surface of the moon. Even so, scientists have not given up their exploration of this planet, hoping to find the existence of life on this planet, and also hope to understand the structure of the moon, so that the minerals on the moon can be called the materials that can be directly used by human beings on earth to solve the problems of the earth’s resources Shortage.


In the history of human lunar exploration, there will be failures if there are successes. The more successful cases are Apollo program and Chang’e series of China. In 2019, India and Israel scrambled to complete the moon landing plan. However, it was unexpected that India and Israel’s plans failed one after another. On April 11, 2019, Israel’s space probe genesis, in the process of successfully landing on the moon, had an accident, which caused Genesis to fall directly on the surface of the moon.


I thought this was just an ordinary failure to explore the moon. However, what many people didn’t expect was that the objects carried on this probe not only contained human DNA samples and 30 million pieces of information about human civilization, but also made people feel incredible that there were thousands of water bears in the cabin of Genesis. With the launch failure of Genesis, thousands of water bears were scattered on the moon The surface of the ball.


The water bear is considered to be the oldest and most tenacious creature on the earth. Its history can be traced back to 500 million years ago. It can be found in the Himalayas with an altitude of several thousand meters, or in the deep sea with an altitude of several thousand meters. It is said that it can survive in a vacuum environment, even without water, it can survive for 10 years For a long time.


What’s more, the water bear is not afraid of radiation at all. That’s why this creature, which appeared 500 million years ago, can escape the earth. The last mass extinction is due to its strong vitality. Therefore, scientists believe that the water bear is likely to survive if it is thrown on the moon. We don’t know whether the water bear will reproduce on the moon. What do you think of this?

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