A few hundred yuan of high-end cigarettes and a few yuan of low-end cigarettes, in the end strong in what?

For many people, the difference in the price of cigarettes may only show whether a cigarette is good or bad, but what is the good? Many friends don’t know. Today Xiaobian will take you to see what’s good about high-end cigarettes?

1. Raw material of cut tobacco


For many smokers, the biggest gap between high-grade and low-grade cigarettes is the raw materials of cut tobacco. Indeed, for example, the high-grade tobacco not only has high-quality tobacco, but also may be mixed with a lot of high-grade cut tobacco imported from Zimbabwe. For low-grade tobacco, not to mention the import of tobacco, many low-grade tobacco may contain tobacco stem, which is the petiole part of tobacco. Even people who don’t understand tobacco can see that the workmanship of tobacco is rough.

But for many people who know about tobacco, the processing of cut tobacco needs more than 2 years of aging process in the cave, otherwise it can not be made into cut tobacco. It is obvious that the low-grade and crude cigarettes with leaf stalk have not gone through the aging process for enough time.


2, flavor added

A lot of friends who live near a cigarette factory may have had similar experiences. They smell heavy perfume from time to time. In fact, this is the exhaust gas emitted by cigarette factories. The most abundant flavor in the waste gas is flavor. Of course, the quality of essence is also an important factor determining the quality of cigarettes. After all, the formula of essence is carefully studied.


3. Filter tip

In the past, cigarette filters in China were mainly imported, but now they have been gradually localized. Most people know that the function of filter is mainly to absorb tar, smoke and suspended particles produced by cigarette combustion, so the better the quality of filter, the more harmful substances it can absorb, and naturally, the less harm it will do to human body.


4. Tar content

Many people may attribute the harm of smoking to nicotine, but in fact, nicotine just makes you addicted. The real harm to human body is tar, which contains hundreds of strong carcinogens. Of course, don’t presume that high-grade cigarettes have no tar. Whether they are high-grade cigarettes or low-grade cigarettes, these substances harmful to human body are real.


But it has to be said that the tar content of high-grade cigarettes is indeed lower than that of low-grade cigarettes. Most of the cigarettes in China are flue-cured tobacco, but the tar content of flue-cured tobacco is often high, generally in the range of 1.2-1.6. Of course, there are some cigarettes with low tar content, such as Zhongnanhai, with the lowest tar content of 0.3. But in fact, all over the world, they are reducing the tar of cigarettes, but most of them are for mixed cigarettes, so the tar content of mixed cigarettes is often low.

Many people may think that the harm of high-grade smoke to human body is very small, even without carcinogens. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Both high-grade smoke and low-grade smoke are harmful to human body, but even so, high-grade smoke does less harm to human body than low-grade smoke, but it is also limited. Remember, smoking is bad for your health.

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