A few years later, humans may evolve into these five life forms! What do you want to be the most?

There has never been anything eternal in the universe. This is true of the earth, and even more so of human beings. Everything is a process.

According to scientists, the sun has about 5 billion years to live, while humans have at least 500 million years to live. If we can survive for 500 million years, what kind of life form will human beings become in the future?


Humans evolved into cyborgs

In a few years, humans may evolve into the life form of a Cyborg. Apart from the brain, all parts of the human body will have the chance to be replaced by mechanical parts. In the future, everyone will have the chance to become Alita.

Even for the brain structure, it can be copied and pasted to export the brain memory information to a hard disk with enough capacity. Maybe cloning memory is also allowed.


What’s more, with the combination of human beings and machinery, intelligent chips are implanted in the body. If you get seriously ill, you don’t need surgery. You just need to replace the mechanical parts. Food is no longer the only source of energy. You only need oil to survive.

Just like the scenes in science fiction movies, because of the formation of cyborgs, they also have some special functions.


Humans evolved into survivors

One day in the future, the earth may be on the verge of extinction due to a nuclear war, or the impact of asteroids and comets on the earth, and the surviving small part of human beings will be scattered in all corners of the world, facing another natural selection, and the final survivors will have very strong vitality.

Their eyebrows and skin will have the ability to resist radiation. If the world suffers from a fatal biochemical attack, people with resistance will survive and breed immune offspring in the polluted environment to form their own race.


Man evolved into a single man

Stuart PIM, a biodiversity expert at Duke University in the United States, once speculated that in the future, human beings will no longer be divided, but will always be “converging”, and the current 6500 languages will be reduced to 600.


Human beings will experience a high degree of globalization, the integration of different skin color races, the gradual disappearance of racial characteristics, and evolve into a “single person” to achieve world harmony. But like all single species, single people lack the protection of genetic diversity, they will be more vulnerable to the threat of infectious diseases, or even perish.

Humans will evolve into genetic humans

Gene man is the combination of gene and drug race, their intelligence will be higher, physique will be stronger. The evolution of gene human is more rapid than that of any living creature. It takes millions of years for biological evolution to form. How long does it take for gene to evolve into a new human race?


Social critic Joel Gallo thinks it’s only 20 years. Once scientists can find the genetic characteristics of human aging and disease, and extract it for development, human will not be troubled by any disease.

Even if you’re 100, you look like a 20-year-old. And if someone reaches this state, his genes are likely to be passed on to the next generation, eventually leading to the generation of new species.


Humans evolved into astronauts

The earth has been destroyed, if the earth can not support, no longer suitable for human survival, human can only expand to other planets.

Human beings will arrive at their destination by spaceship. In the low gravity state of Star Trek for a long time, because they don’t use limbs very much, they will gradually degenerate, even their hair will no longer grow, and finally a new space race will be born.


Xiaobian believes that with the rapid development of science and technology, new discoveries and inventions are produced almost every day. No matter what happens in the future, human beings will certainly move towards a more intelligent life.

If it’s you, which of the above five people do you want to be? Welcome to comment area.


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