A fireball appeared over Guizhou. After finding out its true identity, scientists were worried!

In recent years, there has been more and more news about UFOs. Although many conspiracy theorists believe that UFOs are scams of European and American countries, these fleeting aircraft are just secret weapons. However, in addition to European and American countries, there have been many UFO sightings in China. I don’t know if you still remember the fireball over Zunyi, Guizhou Province. Until now, there are still many discussions.


Fireball over Guizhou


It was a very ordinary night, a bright fireball across the night sky, breaking the peace of the night. This bright fireball appeared in the sky of Zunyi, Guizhou Province. Although it was at night, many people still witnessed this phenomenon. The fireball seemed to make a strange sound while falling rapidly. The local people are very afraid, and even many of the older generation say that such a fireball is not a good omen, and it may represent a disaster. In recent years, natural disasters appear more and more frequently. In fact, nature is punishing human beings, and this fireball is the best evidence.


No matter what kind of image appears in the sky, it is difficult to connect with science. Many young people think that this bright fireball is likely to be an alien aircraft. During the alien’s arrival on earth, the aircraft broke down, so it quickly fell to the ground. This news made a lot of noise at that time. If you want to solve the secret of the fireball, you must find the fireball that fell. Fortunately, the place where the fireball fell was relatively open, causing no casualties. However, after scientists came to the scene of the accident and conducted a detailed survey, they found that the fireball was not an alien spaceship, but the remains of a satellite.


The real identity of Fireball


Since the 1960s, every country has begun its aviation journey. With the vigorous development of space industry, more and more countries launch satellites and detectors into the universe, which can not only monitor the surrounding environment of the earth in real time, but also help us to solve the secrets of the universe. With more and more satellites launched, there are more and more satellite debris in the universe. China has ever taken such a picture. There are a lot of space garbage running over the earth. A large part of the space garbage is the remains of satellites and aircraft.


Although the debris and garbage all revolve around the earth, some debris will fall to the ground at some time. The small debris will separate and disintegrate when passing through the earth’s atmosphere, while the larger debris will pass through the heavy atmosphere and fall straight to the ground. If it happens to fall into residential areas, the cost is incalculable.


Therefore, many countries have begun to formulate space waste removal plans. If these space wastes are not disposed of, then with the development of space industry, the earth will face more and more threats, and our security will also face huge hidden dangers. What do you think of this?

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