A fireball over Shandong, 900 times more than the full moon, where a blue!

A fireball over Shandong, 900 times more than the full moon, where a blue!


There will be too many wonders in 2020. It seems that they will appear together as agreed in advance. These wonders will not bring trouble to human life, nor will they threaten human life. Therefore, most people hope to see them with their own eyes rather than in photos. Every time we see a UFO in the sky, human beings can always associate it with alien civilization. This is only human’s subjective imagination, but the fact is contrary to the imagination.


In July, a red lightning appeared in Texas of the United States, with a width of 50 kilometers. The scene is very spectacular. It is more like a jellyfish, naked in front of human beings, which is rare in a hundred years. In August, another spectacle appeared. A space rock hovered over the Pacific Ocean near Antarctica, flying at a speed of 2950 km. This was the first close observation by human beings, and the space rock attracted great attention from the industry. A fireball over Shandong, 900 times more than the full moon, where a blue!


Another fireball appeared


Not only that, in North China, there is a bright fireball, which is hundreds of times brighter than the full moon. It is very dazzling in the sky. It is gratifying to see this picture, but also makes people feel anxious. Will it bring danger to the earth? Fortunately, this fireball has not caused any damage to the earth. At the moment of the fireball explosion, the surrounding night sky turned blue, just like the day, but the light was quite different, illuminating the whole area.


According to NASA’s conjecture, this kind of fireball will only be encountered once every 10 years. Debris scattered after the explosion is everywhere. Human beings hope to find the debris left by the fireball in some areas. In fact, there are countless space rocks in outer space. If they are careless, they may collide with the earth. Only a small part of the rocks can enter the atmosphere and cause explosion, causing damage to the earth The threat of the ball is not big.


The possible threat of fireball to the earth


In the entire vast solar system, there are countless massive planets, which orbit the sun in an elliptical orbit. When it reaches perihelion, the light of the sun will make it drop debris, which will lead to some meteor shower phenomenon. If the debris mass is too large, it will also lead to explosion. Whether it is space rocks or these debris, it is necessary to suddenly visit the earth Be extra vigilant. Because of the frequent launch of probe satellites, some satellites can not return to the ground, and eventually become space garbage. These space garbage have been moving around the earth, and the earth can not avoid its impact. It is sooner or later that they enter the earth’s atmosphere.


Of course, some people think that this bright fireball may be a man-made object, it is not a space rock, nor is it a comet fragment. Nowadays, human beings are speeding up the pace of manufacturing high-tech, this fireball may be the product of human manufacturing, as for whether it is still unknown, every time you see this spectacle, it will arouse the curiosity of many people, where do you think the source of this bright fireball is? You can leave a message for interaction.

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