A flying saucer crashed on the bottom of the sea? Scientists found that the diameter of metal disc can reach 61 meters!

Although our science and technology level has been very high, there are still things in the world that cannot be explained by science, such as UFO. This has always been a controversial topic in the scientific community, many countries have also appeared the figure of UFOs. The Roswell incident in 1947 added a bit of mystery to the aliens. In addition to Roswell, a mysterious object has been found in the Baltic Sea in history. Scientists once suspected that it was a crashed flying saucer. Is this true?


It was in 2011. It was very close to us. The climate of the Baltic Sea was very cold and covered by strong winds all the year round. Therefore, many merchant ships would sink again, attracting a large number of explorers to search for treasure every year. At that time, there was an expedition called ocean x, which often carried out exploration operations in the Baltic Sea. They found the crashed flying saucer. At that time, they were using sonar to search for traces of treasure. Unexpectedly, a metal object appeared 90 meters deep from the bottom of the sea.


Metal objects on the seafloor


According to sonar images, this huge unidentified object has a diameter of 61 meters, which is like a huge disc. If you don’t look carefully, it is like the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars. They have been exploring many times, so they think the object must be unusual. This incident was soon well known to the defendants. At that time, many scientists thought that this unknown object might be a falling UFO.


Geologists’ Conjecture


But this claim has not been accepted by geologists, who believe that the unknown object is actually caused by natural gas bubbles. Because of the bubble, the geological appearance of the seabed is different. This huge unknown object is actually a normal geological appearance.


The secret of the mysterious disc


Although geologists have vowed, there are still many people who think that how can sand accumulate into metal objects? In order to find out the truth of this unknown object, the ocean x expedition has collected samples from this mysterious disc. When the explorers entered the vicinity of the disc, they found that almost all the communication equipment failed. Fortunately, they finally extracted samples and found that the disc has a history of 140000 years after scientists’ analysis.


To the surprise of scientists, they found a lot of metal elements in the samples, so some people think that this mysterious disc trend is a metal, and more and more people begin to believe that this unknown object is actually a crashed flying saucer. Up to now, the secret of this mysterious circular object has not been solved. It is still an unsolved mystery for us. What do you think?

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