A genius with an IQ of 167, who played with the FBI for 18 years, was arrested for an oversight!

A genius with an IQ of 167, who played with the FBI for 18 years, was arrested for an oversight!


In the eyes of many people, genius has amazing wisdom and flexible brain, which ordinary people can’t match. For example, Einstein and Hawking are all great men in the world who have made outstanding contributions to the whole scientific community. They use their wisdom in the right way. However, many people, though gifted, are unable to adapt to the society. They have been retaliating against the society and have not used their wisdom in the right way, resulting in extreme lunatics.


In the whole history, there is a madman with an IQ of 167, which is beyond the imagination of ordinary people, even surpassing Einstein. So who is he? He is Ted kasinsky. He has a high talent in mathematics and is very intelligent. Because of this, he seems so out of place. Some people are jealous that he is too good, so they crowd him out and isolate him everywhere. As a result, his character has been greatly changed. A genius with an IQ of 167, who played with the FBI for 18 years, was arrested for an oversight!


At that time, he was enrolled in Harvard at the age of 16, and at the age of 25, he was hired to work as a teaching assistant at the University of California, belick. These are the jobs that many people dream of. God favored him very much, not only gave him a very intelligent brain, but also his appearance was very handsome. However, it was unexpected that a year and a half later, he even proposed to leave his job. The reason for his leaving his job was very simple. He wanted to stay away from the secular world and find a quiet place, so he built a small wooden house in the suburb of Lincoln to live a personal life, which was very important for him This kind of life he enjoyed very much, but also learned all kinds of skills, such as drilling wood for fire, planting vegetables and so on.


Many people don’t understand that it’s a pity that such a genius has been hiding in the mountains. He has been pursuing inner peace, but it’s a pity that the sky doesn’t fulfill people’s wishes, and many things don’t develop in the direction he hopes. His quiet life is rapidly broken by the development of social industrialization. Listening to the sound of cutting trees every day, he feels extremely agitated, so he is completely inspired and begins to revenge on society He made a very dangerous weapon, which is a bomb.


From 1978 to 1995, he dropped 24 mail bombs on people all over the country, without any labels, fingerprints or DNA. These bombs killed many people and caused a sensation all over the world. He played with the FBI for 18 years. After careful investigation, the FBI was unable to point the finger at him. He has a very high ability of anti reconnaissance, but he was arrested for one of his own negligence, the so-called heaven’s net is wide, careless but not careless.


He kept in touch with his brother all the time and expressed his ideas to him, so his brother went to the police to report him and was directly arrested. Many people didn’t understand why he had to behave like this. He was handsome and intelligent. He could live an upper class life with a little effort, but he chose to revenge on society because of some obsessions, Form a bad ending, so people’s choice is in a moment, it is possible that a choice will determine your life, what do you think about it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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