A “giant eye” on the ground stares at space, measured by satellite map, with a diameter of 23.5km!

To say the most mysterious place on earth, the desert is definitely the first to bear the brunt. Because of the bad environment and crisis, the desert is inaccessible, and even many deserts in the world have become forbidden places for travelers. But even in the world’s largest Sahara desert, in the 1960s, American astronauts discovered a “giant eye” staring into space.

In the 1960s, when American astronauts were on a mission, they saw a very amazing scene over Southwest Africa

In the Sahara desert, there is a concentric circle like thing that stares at space like a big eye


This has aroused people’s wide attention, and the specific reason for its formation is still unknown. Scientists named it “Sahara eye”, also known as richardt structure.


But what exactly is richardt’s structure? In the eyes of scholars studying Atlantis civilization,

The eye of the Sahara is probably the legendary site of Atlantis.

Evidence 1: highly similar diameter

Plato’s works describe: the length of Atlantis city is 127 sight distances. What is the concept of 127 sight distances? In today’s measurement units, 127 sight distance equals 23.49 kilometers,

On satellite maps, the outer diameter of the eye of the Sahara is just 23.5 kilometers.

Evidence 2: highly similar structure


In Plato’s book, Atlantis has two pieces of land and three pieces of water. The eye of the Sahara is highly similar to Plato’s description.

Evidence 3: rich in iron ore at the same time

According to the detection of scientists, the eye of the Sahara is rich in iron ore. according to the book, Atlantis is rich in an ore called “Mountain Copper”. Atlantis residents will use “Mountain Copper” to make tools and weapons. Researchers believe that “Mountain Copper” is likely to be iron ore.

Evidence 4: the mystery of the disappearance of Atlantis

In the desert near the eye of the Sahara, archaeologists have found traces of ancient fish bones and paleontological activities, which is enough to prove that in ancient times, the Sahara desert was originally an ocean, but more than 6000 years ago, the Sahara gradually changed from an ocean to a swamp, with warm climate and diverse species, suitable for the survival of animals and plants, and then gradually evolved into a desert.


Plato once said that after the destruction of Atlantis, he became a place where ships could never be reached.

What is a place that ships cannot reach? Is it sea floor or land? Or the sky? Naturally, the sky is impossible, and more people are willing to believe that Atlantis has sunk into the bottom of the sea, but countless people search for Atlantis on the bottom of the sea, but they get nothing. So some people speculate that Atlantis did not sink into the bottom of the sea, but because of the crustal movement, it gradually integrated with the Eurasian continent, and the island became a continent, which naturally became a place that ships could never reach. The latter point of view further proves that:

The eye of the Sahara is probably the site of Atlantis.

However, when Atlantis disappeared, Plato did not make a sound. This story was also recorded in the book after Plato listened to what his predecessors said. Although they are highly similar, there is no direct evidence

The eye of the Sahara is the site of Atlantis.

Geologists prefer to believe that the genesis of the Sahara eye is related to crustal movement and erosion. Because under the endless yellow sand of Sahara, there is also a rock layer. Due to the crustal movement, the rock layer is exposed, and then eroded by hundreds of thousands of wind, sun and rain. It is very likely that this exposed rock will become a depression similar to the eyes. What do you think about this?

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