A headless chicken who created a miracle lived for 18 months and earned 10000 dollars!

Can a creature without a head live? It resolutely lived 18 months, turned into a cash cow!


In ancient times, beheading was a very cruel punishment. If a person committed an irreparable mistake and was convicted, he would be beheaded in nine cases out of ten. It’s hard to imagine the scene of the separation of the head and the body. It’s shocking. The head is the most important thing for every creature. Generally speaking, without the head, the creature can’t survive at all. In this huge nature, there will always be miracles.


Can headless creatures survive?


Take flies and cockroaches for example. They are not big, and they are also the creatures that come into contact with most in daily life. We often hear a saying that they are headless flies. Even if they lose their head carelessly, they will not die immediately, and they will survive for a period of time. Many people feel quite magical. After careful consideration, they finally understand the reason. They belong to lower organisms. Besides the head, they have nervous system all over the body. Even if the head is gone, other nervous systems are effective. Because their mouths are on their heads, they will starve to death if they don’t eat for a long time. For many higher organisms, it is difficult to survive without a head. However, one chicken has broken the human cognition. This chicken is called Mike, and its name has a origin. A headless chicken who created a miracle lived for 18 months and earned 10000 dollars!


Michael the headless chicken’s life


In 1945, Mike lived carefree in a chicken farm. One day, Olson’s mother-in-law came to the house to be a guest. In order not to lose his dignity, he prepared to kill a chicken to serve his mother-in-law. When he killed Mike, he didn’t kill him directly. He just cut off his head by mistake. Strangely enough, the beheaded Mike didn’t die immediately. He was running all the time.


I thought Mike would die soon. When he woke up the next day, Mike was still alive. Olson was surprised that he survived. So he decided to keep Mike and continue to take care of him. He fed him nutrients such as milk, corn and so on every day. Under his careful care, the headless Mike continued to live for another 18 months. At that time, it was amazing Attracting countless tourists to watch.


He sent Mike to a circus to perform on tour. The entrance fee for a person was 25 cents. The popularity of Mike increased, which accumulated a lot of wealth for him. Therefore, his value also increased, reaching $10000 at one time. Unfortunately, one day after his performance, Mike died because of Olson’s negligence, his esophageal mucus was blocked and he couldn’t breathe. Without Mike as a cash cow, Olson gradually returned to the prosaic. Mike broke the human cognition and created a miracle.


The myth of Michael has been going on, and many people have extended to another question: can people live without their heads? Obviously, it’s impossible. There is a clear distinction between the brain structure of chicken and human. Olson may be in the right position when chopping Mike’s head. Only part of the brain is removed, and the remaining part is left, so that it does not die directly. Therefore, Olson has become a great miracle in the world. Legends are legends after all. Although some people in history have done experiments with their own lives, they are not as lucky as this chicken. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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