A huge cone swept across the sky! Science can’t explain that there may be invisible forces on earth

So far, the topic of whether the alien civilization really exists has been controversial and aroused people’s attention. All kinds of signs show that the possibility of the existence of alien civilization is really great. The known mass extinctions have gone through five times. Will the alien civilization have existed for a long time and become extinct without being discovered?


Extraterrestrial life has always been the goal pursued by numerous scientists, but in fact, the hierarchy between cosmic civilizations is quite cruel. If higher civilizations do not want to be discovered by lower civilizations, then lower civilizations may spend their whole lives without any trace of their existence.

Although there have been UFOs in many countries in history, due to the relatively slow development of scientific and technological civilization, the UFO in many people’s eyes may not be a real alien detector. Maybe it’s just a strange phenomenon in nature. For example, when human beings haven’t defined illusion, people think it’s ghosts and gods coming to the world! So, from the 16th century to the 19th century, probably none of the UFO sightings were real.


Until the 20th century or even the 21st century, the UFO phenomenon that can only be witnessed is still very limited. Even if it appears occasionally, it will make people feel very surprised! People know enough about mobile electronic technology, but why does every UFO become cloudy? As if on purpose, is there an unexpected force interfering with human’s record of technological products? This force doesn’t want alien creatures to appear in human civilization.


The satellite in the space station once photographed strange pictures over the earth. Although it is not the real image of UFO, the flight path of UFO seems to have appeared. According to scientists, it is likely that aliens flew over the earth, or just crossed the earth. In this public photo, it’s easy to see that it’s a huge conical wave. We already know that in recent years, no aircraft or probe has been flying over the earth in any country in the world. What causes this?

Most scientists think that this strange phenomenon is UFO. But scientists in many countries have no way to cover their coffins. Perhaps the development and innovation of Aerospace Science and technology in the United States, Russia, Japan and other countries have reached a new level, but they are not willing to show all their strength. I think everyone has heard that an aircraft carrier can be invisible. If a certain country’s aircraft carrier is in exercise, it may leave such traces. I don’t know what you think of this problem? Do you think UFO is real? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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