A huge labyrinth is found under the pyramid, hiding the mystery of human origin? Why is information prohibited?

The pyramid of Khufu in Egypt is the only surviving building among the seven ancient miracles. It has been 4560 years since its birth, and its height once ranked first in the world.


But you know what? In the eyes of Herodotus, a famous historian, this amazing building is compared with another relic, which is also in Egypt, but it is built underground.

At that time, Herodotus was so shocked that he even recorded this underground labyrinth in his book, and specially noted that there was a solution to the mystery of human origin in this labyrinth.


Unexpectedly, this legendary underground labyrinth was found recently. However, it is strange that the news was deliberately suppressed until the Belgian archaeological team who participated in the search couldn’t bear to see it any more and came forward to reveal the information. Only in this way did we know the shocking secret.


Why should the Egyptian government stop exploration? Can this underground labyrinth really solve the mystery of human origin? If so, why can’t we know the origin of human beings? Let’s take a look at the mysterious underground labyrinth of Egypt.

In 450 BC, Herodotus came to Egypt. It is recorded in his history book that he came to an underground labyrinth beside the crocodile city. He said that when he saw the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, he knew that even if all the buildings in Greece were put together, they could not match the pyramids of Egypt.


But when he saw the underground labyrinth beside the crocodile City, he realized that Egypt’s real surprise was not how magnificent the buildings on the ground were, but how incredible the underground buildings were. The maze is made up of 12 palaces, six of which face north and six South. The palace is not entirely underground. It has one floor on the ground and one floor on the ground. The two floors add up to more than 3000 rooms.


Because this palace is too big, if no one leads, absolutely can’t walk out of this palace, so Herodotus calls this palace labyrinth in the book.

At that time, the Egyptian priests told him that the lower strata contained the most important secrets of human origin, as well as precious ancient Atlantis documents, and the Egyptian priests refused to let him visit them. So Herodotus saw the origin of man at that time, so there was no answer.


But he still describes in his book that the palace has countless rooms with walls and ceilings made of marble. There are all kinds of treasures in the room. Even the walls are painted with exquisite patterns, and the corridors and stone pillars outside the room are carved with hieroglyphs.


These corridors are connected with one palace after another. They are intricate with each other, but they bring him incomparable surprise. At the end of the palace is a 240 meter high pyramid. Herodotus marveled at the magnificence of the palace. He could not believe that it was made by human beings.

In fact, Herodotus was not the only one who saw this labyrinth in the past. The famous historian Theodorus Sicily and Pliny the elder, the author of famous natural history, all mentioned it. The geography and historian Strabo described it in detail in his geography book.


Because of the clear records of the two, the British archaeologist Flind spitley found the site of this labyrinth in 1888, which is located next to the pyramid of Amenemhat III, the 12th dynasty in Egypt. But I don’t know why, but the matter ended later.


It was not until 2008 that the governments of Belgium and Egypt formed a new archaeological team equipped with the most advanced ground penetrating radar technology at that time that they determined that there was a huge ruins with a side length of 304 meters by 244 meters beside the pyramid of amenemhet III.

At that time, the archaeological team used the scanning technology of the highest technology to see through the architectural distribution of the whole underground labyrinth, and restored the appearance of the labyrinth by using computer 3D technology. However, when the archaeological team was excited that they finally found the legendary labyrinth, the Egyptian government delayed the important discovery that they did not want to announce again and again.


In 2010, Luis de Cordier, the main researcher of the Belgian archaeological team, was really reluctant to wait. He published part of the research materials in the nriag science journal and published the archaeological research materials at the University of Ghent in Belgium.


When the Belgian archaeological team released this research material, it immediately attracted a lot of attention. Many media want to interview the Belgian archaeological team for the first time. However, at this time, the Belgian archaeological team received a warning from zaxihawas, Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of antiquities, asking them not to publish any archaeological research materials, otherwise the Belgian archaeological team would not be allowed to enter Egypt to do any archaeological research.

Well, the most important archaeological discovery in human history has just been announced to the world, but it has been forced down by the Egyptian government. There are countless questions left. Everyone is thinking, what is the Egyptian government thinking about?


Some people think that because the scientific and technological means are not good enough, they are afraid that blind exploration will damage the relics, but they will be overthrown immediately, because even if they are afraid of damage, they just need to ban excavation. Why suppress and block the news?


If the Egyptian government really wants to protect this 4000 year old site and chooses not to publish the news, why has the underground labyrinth of zuoser pyramid, which has the reputation of Egypt’s first pyramid, not only been published long ago, but even begun to sell tickets for tourists to visit? You know, this labyrinth has a longer construction history.

As we all know, in the cultural relics of Egypt, there are many ancient high-tech civilizations that are still difficult to explain. In the era when science and technology were not developed before, how could these amazing works be made? We are still unable to solve these secrets. We hope to find out the truth in the near future.


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