A hundred years after the disappearance of the North American ship, it appeared on the bottom of the sea in Canada?

In many science fiction suspense works, I believe everyone has heard the story of ghost ship. These ghost ships suddenly disappeared from the sea and reappeared hundreds of years later. In fact, this is not only a fragment of the novel, but also a ghost ship like this appeared in the history. This ship appeared in the waters of North America, but later it appeared in the lakes of Canada. After several years, this ship has not changed much. What happened?


The marine environment is changeable and harsh. Generally, extreme weather will appear at night. Therefore, every year, the news of shipwrecks is endless. Many ships fail to reach the ground safely and submerge into the seabed. In history, China’s Yuan Dynasty also sent 640000 troops to attack Japan, but the ship encountered a typhoon on the sea, resulting in the destruction of 640000 troops and sinking into the sea. Since ancient times, there have been many such accidents, and the whereabouts of these ships have become a topic of conversation.


Ships in the Yukon River Basin


The ship we are going to talk about today does not appear in the sea. Its range of activities is in the lake. Compared with the vast sea, the area of the lake can be almost ignored. Even for lakes, the power of human beings is limited after all. In the face of natural disasters and weather, it always seems that it is not enough. This incident happened in the late 19th century. At that time, gold was discovered in the Yukon River Basin in North America. The gold rush was on the rise, and there were countless ships going to the Yukon River Basin. In North America at that time, it was very normal to dig gold, but the Yukon River basin was slightly special. The gold mined in the Yukon River must be transported out through the Yukon River. At that time, the Yukon River was still very bad, and there were often natural disasters such as ship hitting the reef or tsunami, so there were not a few accidents in the Yukon River every year.




At that time, there was a ship named Godard, which was responsible for transporting aircraft sand and miners. But one day in 1901, a big storm broke out on the Yukon River. After the storm subsided, the ship suddenly disappeared mysteriously. At the beginning, people didn’t pay special attention to it. They thought that it was just because of the storm that the ship was overturned and sank to the bottom of the sea. With the disappearance of the Goddard, no one on board survived until 1902, when the captain’s body was found. So more and more people think that the ship sank to the bottom of the sea.


I thought it was just one of many ship accidents, and such a ship accident would not attract everyone’s attention, but I didn’t expect that what happened later surprised people. Every once in a while, people will claim to have seen the lost Goddard on the Yukon River. This kind of witness has lasted for a hundred years. Some people may have doubts. If the ship does not disappear, it should be replaced and maintained regularly. However, there has been no maintenance work for so many years. This phenomenon is puzzling. Therefore, some people think that there must be a secret behind the Goddard. Some people even doubt whether the Goddard has entered the time tunnel and disappeared mysteriously?


At that time, the level of human science and technology was still very limited, and they did not dare to easily enter the seabed. Until 2008, Canadian scientists found the Goddard through sonar. It turns out that the Goddard did not enter the time and space tunnel, but has been buried under the lake of Yukon River. Although it has been more than 100 years, the ship has not changed much and is still very intact.


Apart from the intact appearance of the ship, the body of the crew was not corroded by the sea. This situation has attracted the attention of scientists. In more than 100 years, the ship has been preserved so completely. Is there really a mysterious force controlling the ship? Of course, this is just your guess, which has not been confirmed by science. What do you think?

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