A kind of brainless creature, the body is eaten, I do not know resistance, the key is not extinction!

A kind of brainless creature, the body is eaten, I do not know resistance, the key is not extinction!


The competition in every industry is cruel. The same is true in nature. The so-called natural selection means survival of the fittest. Only the strong can dominate in nature and stand at the top of the food chain. The weak will be eliminated in the end. However, people are always worried that all kinds of creatures in nature will become the best in their life, and some of them will never die out.


In this big world, there are many intelligent creatures, but also some silly animals. They have many behaviors that people can’t understand. For example, one of the stupidest fish in the world, named Mola, has a very hard growing journey and stumbles all the way. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to worry about the risk of extinction. So what kind of creature is Mola What about it? A kind of brainless creature, the body is eaten, I do not know resistance, the key is not extinction!


Among many fish, the Mola has a huge size, but its hunting ability is very weak, which is closely related to its slow response. Once a diver was shooting underwater when he was surprised to find a Mola, but its behavior was confusing.


The Mola is being nibbled by a sea lion looking for food, but it doesn’t seem to feel any pain. It’s obvious that part of its body has been eaten, and the sea lion leaves when it’s full. The diver approaches and finds that the Mola is not dead, and it still beats its gills, as if it’s not eating itself at all. It’s strange that this kind of fish with no lethality is at risk of extinction. Why doesn’t it have to worry about these problems?


It is said that a Mola can lay 300 million eggs every year. With such a strong reproductive capacity, it can reproduce rapidly even if it is swallowed by more sea creatures. Although its vitality is not as tenacious as other creatures, it is also a member of the ocean. It has been determined to survive. Some people think that this kind of fish is very stupid, even if they are eaten, they can’t feel any pain. It is estimated that there is no fish similar to it in the world.


However, it also has its own advantages. Although its hunting ability is weak, its fecundity is among the best. Many creatures are preyed on by other creatures due to their weak ability, and eventually go extinct. Molas are different. Even if they are eaten by other creatures, they can still spawn and multiply, and exist endlessly. It can be seen that there are many creatures in the ocean worth digging, not just turning Car fish, and more unknown creatures, their living habits are amazing, worthy of our exploration, what do you think of this very silly fish? You can leave a message for interaction.

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