A kind of creature that once fed on human beings, seemingly harmless in appearance, no less powerful than dinosaurs!

15 million years ago, there were human “natural enemies” on the earth, and the cause of extinction is complicated!


Nature is very cruel. It has always followed the law of natural selection and survival of the fittest. The so-called survival of the fittest, the strong meet the strong, and the weak can only be suppressed by the strong, and finally all come to a good end. All living things follow this rule and form a perfect ecosystem. At the top of the food chain, nothing but human beings dominate the earth all the year round and can kill the living things in the nature at will. Because human beings have wisdom and can kill those living things without any effort. No matter how big the living things are, they are weak in front of human beings.


It is not easy for every creature to survive. There are natural enemies. For example, the natural enemies of piranhas are electric eels, and mice are cats. Most of these species live in the same area. Over time, they form a competitive relationship, so natural enemies appear. Almost no creature can escape this law. Even human beings are included in this law. Darwin’s theory of evolution points out that human beings evolved from apes. In the distant past, there must have been natural enemies. 15 million years ago, there were human “natural enemies” on the earth, and the cause of extinction is complicated!


Who are the natural enemies of mankind?


We can imagine that humans and dinosaurs stand together, one day at a time. How can we have the strength to compete with them? There is little chance of winning. However, human beings are very lucky. These organisms have been extinct, but human beings have survived to this day. If we have to find a real natural enemy, the virus can be regarded as, but it is dispensable in the food chain and can be completely ignored.


The food chain includes decomposers, producers and consumers. Most of the services are producers. Microorganisms are decomposers. The rest of the consumers are animals. They are closely linked, playing different roles and taking on the role of a certain link. Human power can completely change the status quo of the food chain. Before the early days, human beings did not have such powerful technology, which makes people constantly wonder whether there were human natural enemies at that time? At that time, there were many more powerful animals than the ancient ape, which were inevitably attacked by them.


15 million years ago, a kind of creature is tricky


Scientists have discovered that 15 million years ago, there was a kind of creature, which can be regarded as the natural enemy of human beings, and it was cat phobia. It has sharp claws and teeth, and can quickly escape and climb trees in case of danger. Australopithecus has no lethality in front of it. Scientists once found its fossils. In the caves where they live, Australopithecus fossils were also found. Therefore, it is determined that they may be the natural enemies of Australopithecus long ago .


It has to be said that human beings were too weak in the past. As time goes on, human beings have unique brains, generate wisdom, and create products with their hands. Only then can human beings gradually stand out. If it’s not for the existence of brain, maybe human beings should be on guard up to now, because only the strong in nature can survive unharmed, and human beings are not so prominent in nature. Do you think cat phobia is a natural enemy of human beings? You can leave a message for interaction.

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