A kind of “forgotten” mouse is quietly protecting human beings, but we don’t know it!

A kind of “forgotten” mouse is quietly protecting human beings, but we don’t know it!


There are many extreme animals in the world, some of which are deeply loved by human beings, and some of which are disgusting. Take kittens and puppies for example, they are very dependent on human beings after domestication, and they also make some gratifying behaviors. Many people often keep them as pets. Mice are not the same, it is almost everyone called to fight the image, in any place to see the mouse, is to hit it with a stick. Many women are very scared when they see a mouse. It’s small, but it doesn’t look good.


Every animal we see is evolved. In fact, the mouse is the most perfect one among many creatures. It has the best reproductive ability. Even if human beings disappear one day in the future, the mouse will not die out. Although it has a bad reputation, it will make contributions to human beings all the time. Many scientists often take mice to do scientific experiments, mice have great use value. A kind of “forgotten” mouse is quietly protecting human beings, but we don’t know it!


A kind of mouse is quietly protecting human beings


We all have a one-sided understanding of mice. There is a kind of mouse in the world, which uses its own life to protect human beings, but human beings ignore its existence. This kind of mouse is called Gambian giant rat. It’s big. It’s said that it can reach one kilogram and its length is 25 cm. What’s its use? It turns out that this kind of mouse has been put into the mine sweeping work. After the devil training, they already have a lot of mine sweeping experience. There have been many wars in the world, each of which caused many people to lose their lives. In fact, in many wars, many unexploded mines have been left, mainly in Afghanistan, the Middle East and other regions.


According to the guess of scientists, the number of mines in these areas has reached at least 100 million, which is a potential hazard to the local people. Every country has invested a lot of energy in the work of mine clearance. The work of mine clearance used to be carried out by minesweepers. After all, the smell of minesweepers is very sensitive, and they can smell the smell of explosives nearby, but their mood is unstable, and they are easily affected by the outside world. In addition, they are too big, and many minesweepers lose their lives in the process of mine clearance.


Advantages of Gambian giant rat


Gambian giant rat is not the same. It is much smaller than a dog. Its smell is not worse than a dog. Its mood is very stable. Even stepping on a mine, it will not cause an explosion. More importantly, it can accurately locate the location of mines and report in time. Every time a mine is found, it will get a food reward. At this time, the minesweeper is full of energy and continues to participate in the work of mine clearance.


Now the Gambian giant rat has begun batch training. He has made outstanding contributions to mine clearance work and refreshed human cognition of rats. Now the Gambian giant rat is popular with the local people. Although they don’t have the pleasant appearance of kittens and dogs, they have been making contributions to human beings with their small bodies. We should keep a heart of awe towards any animal. Since they exist, they certainly have their value. Do you see this kind of Minesweeper overturning your previous cognition? You can leave a message for interaction.

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