A large number of animals have been made into mummies, scientists scan, only to find that it is not so simple!

In the history of human civilization, ancient Egypt has always been shrouded in mystery. Referring to ancient Egypt, many people will think of pyramids. In their culture, the soul of human beings does not disappear after death. If we can keep the integrity of the body, then the soul will enter the next cycle, which is also the origin of Egyptian mummy. In addition to ancient Egypt, there are many places where there are mummies, but the number is relatively small, so ancient Egypt has become the representative of mummies.


In the process of archaeology, scientists found many mummies, which played an important role in the era of human research. Most of the mummies are human bodies. In fact, in addition to human mummies, scientists in ancient Egypt also unearthed a large number of animal mummies. After scanning with computer technology, they found that these animals were actually alive and mummified, which is very pitiful.

Many scientists have carried out detailed research on mummies, and mummies have attracted people’s attention for so many years. Although there are many legends about mummies, these legends have not come true. The purpose of scientists’ excavation of mummies is to study ancient Egyptian culture. When they excavated animal mummies, they found that there were too many mummies This shows how important the animal mummy is in ancient Egyptian culture. Why are these animals mummified when they are alive? What is the meaning behind it?


What’s the secret behind animal mummies?


When scientists studied the mummies of these animals, they found that these animals were killed by human beings and were made into mummies. These mummies were generally excavated in tombs. After scanning by computer, scientists found that the limbs of these animals were also broken, so that they could pose in a variety of ways. Seeing this, Xiaobian had to say that this practice was too cruel. The ancient Egyptians attached so much importance to life, why did they kill animals?

It turns out that in ancient Egyptian culture, they thought that no adult animals had spirituality, so they could better protect themselves by making mummies after their death. So scientists also excavated animal mummies in many tombs, and the number of these mummies can be counted in millions.


Although mummy is a kind of ancient Egyptian culture, the price paid by these animals is too high. Until now, we finally understand that people can’t come back to life after death. Even if these animals are made into mummies, there is no way to protect their owners. We have no way to intervene in the past. We can only start from now on and start to protect animals and pay attention to the environment. Only in this way can we achieve a state of balance. What do you think?


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