A large number of iron pipes were found in Qinghai, China, 150000 years ago. Who left them?

In the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, aliens have come to the earth and have reached cooperation with some developed countries. If we observe carefully, we will find that UFO news often appears in European and American countries. Is this really just a coincidence? In fact, in addition to foreign countries, there has been an open incident in China. It happened at the end of the 20th century, and there is no final conclusion until now. What happened at that time?


Qinghai iron pipe


What has caused controversy in the scientific community for many years is actually an iron pipe. However, we should not underestimate this iron pipe. After analysis, scientists found that this iron pipe is 150000 years old. And this iron pipe completely penetrated through the whole rock. For human beings at that time, they had no ability to do so. At that time, it was the late 1990s. A writer named Bai Yu came to tuosu Lake in Delingha, Qinghai. He came here to sketch. Unexpectedly, he found many rusty pipes. These iron pipes vary in size and thickness and are concentrated in one area. The writer thinks that things may not be so simple, these iron pipes may not be put here by local people.


Qinghai is located in the remote areas of our country, the environment is very bad, so few people will come here. In ancient Qinghai, the region itself was very poor, so it was impossible to make such iron pipes with the ability of human beings at that time. So the writer reported this situation to the scientific research institutions. After scientists came here to test, they made an unexpected discovery that 8% of these iron pipes did not belong to the earth. This major discovery aroused the concern of the scientific community Disputes.


Perhaps the level of science and technology at that time was relatively limited. In 2001, scientists re examined these iron pipes and found that 8% of them were common metal elements. Scientists also predicted the age of these iron pipes and found that they had a life span of 150000 years. At that time, human beings could not make iron at all. Why did these iron pipes appear in places where people rarely visit?


Who left the iron pipe?


Some people think that these iron pipes are probably left by Ancient Aliens. At that time, aliens came to the earth and left some products to prove that they were here. But scientists don’t think so. They think these iron pipes are likely formed naturally. Scientists have found a cave, and some magical iron pipes have been found in the cave. These iron pipes have penetrated the whole wall. If these iron pipes are really caused by geological activities, why is the age gap between the iron pipes and the surrounding rocks millions of years?


Until now, these iron pipes in Qinghai are still full of controversy. Whether they are aliens or nature, these are all people’s conjectures. It’s hard to imagine that these unexplained phenomena appear in the alien ruins. I don’t know what people think?

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