A large number of ruins of city walls have been found on the surface of Mars. Are they relics of Martian civilization? Where are the Martians?

Mars is the planet with the most similar environment to the earth among the eight major planets in the solar system, so the heat of scientists’ exploration of Mars has been continuing.


In the 1970s, the United States launched many explorers to explore Mars, and these explorers were also very “competitive” and took a lot of shocking photos. The “mysterious veil” of Mars is being gradually uncovered.

Before scientists launched a probe to explore Mars, they used telescopes to see that there were some crisscross lines on Mars. At that time, they suspected that there might be life on Mars, and called these lines “Mars canals”, which were dug by Mars civilization.


In 2003, NASA launched a probe called opportunity to Mars, which accidentally took some pictures on a wilderness plain near the equator.


After a close look at the photos, the scientists were shocked! In this photo, there are a large number of long, straight and vertical ruins of the city wall, standing on the surface of Mars wilderness.

These photos should be the “Mars canal” seen through the telescope. The construction of the wall in the photo seems to have been done by human beings.


This important discovery, which can be seen that there are obvious traces of being built on the wall, immediately attracted the attention of science lovers all over the world. They began to speculate that there was a civilization on Mars, and these ruins of the city walls are the remains of ancient Martian civilization, which is strong evidence.


But, if these are ancient Martian civilizations, why did these lives disappear?

Here we can make a bold assumption. Because everything in the world has a life span. It’s just a matter of whether it’s long or short. Mars is no exception.


Mars has also experienced changes from youth to old age. Today, Mars may be in its old age, and the whole planet’s environment has changed with age. The atmosphere has disappeared, volcanic earthquakes erupted, water has dried up, meteorites have fallen, and so on. Therefore, there is no sign of life and vitality. And the Martians may be extinct.


The future of our earth may also experience this terrible process. This is the natural selection of the planet, which we can’t interfere with. Therefore, human beings should protect and take good care of the earth.

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