A man who once lived in seclusion in a cave spent 25 years designing a palace. What’s the matter now?

A man who once lived in seclusion in a cave spent 25 years designing a palace. What’s the matter now?


Everyone is doomed to a different life from birth. People’s destiny can be changed. We have heard a saying since childhood that knowledge changes destiny, so we will study hard in childhood, hoping that we can change our destiny through knowledge. Until we grow up, we find that knowledge is not the only way to change destiny, but also through other ways. But we can be sure that there is no shortcut to change our destiny, and we will not gain without efforts.


Since ancient times, there are many different pursuers. Some people like a quiet and elegant life, and some people like a prosperous city, which is related to everyone’s personality. But there is a man in the world who is very strange. He likes to live in seclusion in caves. Why on earth? This is a man from abroad. He lived in seclusion in the cave for 25 years. After he was found, he didn’t have any sense of wanting to go. His name is Paulette. A man who once lived in seclusion in a cave spent 25 years designing a palace. What’s the matter now?


Paulette showed his talent in carving when he was young. Since he grew up, he successfully set foot on this road and became a famous sculptor through his efforts. However, he is still far away from his dream, so he came up with an exciting idea. When he was 20 years old, he came to the desert of Mexico and planned to create a miracle here. Many people think that the desert environment is bad, and it is impossible to create a miracle again.


However, pollette didn’t believe it. He had to go to the extreme and create his own world here. He found a cave in the desert and used it for 25 years to create a palace like design in the cave. Many people felt incredible after seeing it. It was hard to sit down when they stayed in a quiet place for a day. Unexpectedly, he didn’t know it For more than 20 years, he had a dog with him all the time.


In this cave, it is almost full of carvings of flowers, plants and trees. It is not like an ordinary cave. These carvings represent his yearning for a better life. Although life is not so gorgeous, he never gives up his dream of carving. But Wright had been ruthless in his eyes, who want to buy his palace, there is no alternative to money.


Although money is omnipotent, not all things can be bought with money. Many things are priceless, such as family affection, friendship and people’s ideals. If people live without ideals and pursuits, what’s the significance in this world? What do you think of the reason why this man doesn’t want to leave the cave? You can leave a message for interaction.

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