A moving mud volcano makes scientists worried. Why?

The earth is a rocky planet, for a rocky planet, volcanic activity should not be a strange thing. There are many active volcanoes on the earth, most of them are dead and active mountains, which pose no threat to human beings. However, there are still a few active volcanoes, and we don’t know when they will erupt.

In many people’s cognition, volcano should be able to erupt a lot of rock, with ultra-high temperature, intense eruption, grumpy pronoun. But many friends don’t know that there is another kind of volcano which is famous for its warmth. This kind of volcano is mud rock mountain.

Mud volcano, as the name suggests, is a volcano made of mud. Mud is really composed of clay, rock debris, salt powder and other mud; volcano is not a volcano in the usual sense. The most basic feature of volcano is that it is formed by magma and has a magma channel, while mud volcano is formed by mud and does not have a magma channel. It can be said that it is a gentle version of “Volcano”.


In fact, there are not many mud rock mountains in the world. In China, except Xinjiang, only active mud volcanoes have been found in Kaohsiung and Hengchun areas of Taiwan. The mud volcanoes there not only have typical landforms, but also have the natural landscape of erupting fire. Mud volcanoes are rare in other parts of the world. The most famous mud volcanoes are Makran in Iran and Buza in Romania. The largest mud volcanoes are distributed in Baku in Azerbaijan. Yellowstone Park in the United States is famous for mud volcanoes.

In people’s cognition, volcanoes can’t move. They are fixed in a certain place. However, mud volcanoes are different. They can also move. The protagonist we are going to talk about today is a movable mud volcano. Although it moves slowly, many scientists are worried about it. What’s the matter?

It turns out that a strange mud volcano appeared in 2018. This mud volcano is a movable volcano. It not only brings great trouble to scientists, but also makes many people worry and panic about it. This mud rock mountain, located in inpril County, California, was suddenly awakened in 2018.

The mud rock mountain is called gentle volcano. In fact, people are not afraid of its eruption. On the contrary, it will be a beautiful landscape. This is because the odorous methane, hydrogen sulfide and other gases emitted from the mud rock mountain will easily ignite in case of fire. The continuous emission of gas makes the mud look like boiling soup.


Although the eruption of the mud rock mountain looks fierce and seems to have a high temperature, in fact it is completely different from the magma. The temperature of the magma is really high, and it ignites whatever happens. However, the temperature of the eruption of the mud volcano is very low, and you will feel cold when you put your hand in it. Therefore, some people call the mud volcano “cool volcano”, which is also the origin of the name of the gentle mud volcano.

Although the mud volcano’s temper is very warm, it will not bring too much disaster to people, but when it comes to a mud volcano that can move slowly, the situation is different. This mud rock mountain in inpril County, California, is a rare movable mud volcano. Since its eruption in 2018, it has made many people unable to sleep.

Why are so many people worried about this moving mud volcano? It’s mainly related to its location and moving direction. If it moves to desert or uninhabited place, naturally people don’t have to worry too much, but its moving direction has important crossing points on the road, where there is a freight railway track of United Pacific, an oil pipeline of energy company, and an optical fiber communication line.


If we do not take measures to stop it, the impact may be beyond imagination, and it will bring huge damage and loss. Therefore, piril County issued a state of emergency to prevent the mud volcano from getting close to the rail and other facilities. In order to protect the railway, experts took some measures, dug a well, tried to release the gas that drove it to move, and built a 3-way tunnel on the only way of the railway A huge wall 20 meters long and 22 meters deep is used to stop it.

However, these measures have not played a significant role. The mud rock mountain passes directly under the wall and bypasses the huge wall. Is the mud volcano “refined”? At present, this mud rock mountain is still moving slowly. Fortunately, its moving speed is very slow, and it is far away from these target facilities. There is still enough time for us to find a way. However, until now, experts have not found a very good solution.

Of course, this kind of movable mud rock mountain is very rare. This is the first time that scientists have seen that mud rock mountain can move all the time, which once again refreshes people’s cognition. There are really many strange things in the world. At present, there is no final conclusion about the formation of the mud rock mountain. Some people think that the formation of the mud volcano is mainly related to the following factors: 1) sedimentary basin with high sedimentation rate; 2) clay minerals with more ILLITIZATION; 3) expansion of pore fluid; 4) deep hydrocarbon rich fluid; 5) upper overburden with no water or low water permeability; 6) lateral or vertical compression of salt deposits; 7 )Seismicity.

Whether it’s the rock award volcano or the mud rock mountain, for today’s mankind, it only brings destruction and people’s fear of it, especially the rock award volcano. Once it erupts, its power is huge, and the damage to the environment is also huge. However, volcanoes are also a kind of energy, which can be called underground energy.


With the continuous progress of human science and technology, the research and utilization of volcanic energy may be accelerated in the future. If we can make volcanic energy serve human beings, it is of great significance to slow down the energy crisis of human beings. We should know that the crater is an important channel to connect underground rock energy. Maybe in the future, if human beings want to explore deep in the earth, they may also have to pass through Go through the pass and enter.

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