A mysterious pattern appeared in the wheat field overnight. Is this the trace of UFO coming? What is the truth?

In the 1970s, a strange geometric pattern appeared in a wheat field in England, which attracted everyone’s attention. The local farmer said that the wheat field was still in good condition the day before. After a night, this pattern appeared, but he didn’t know it at all.


As soon as this incident came out, there were many media reports, UFO researchers and supernatural scientists came here to answer the questions. They said that all the wheat under the pressure of the strange circle were very flat, and they all fell to one side. It was not disorderly.

In these overwhelming wheat, there seems to be some kind of magnetic material, which can only be born in special circumstances. Perhaps UFO landed here the night before, forming this pattern.


Since the spread of this event, the crop circles have been exposed to the public’s vision. Since then, more and more crop circles have appeared in different shapes and sizes. The only thing that is the same is that they all appeared overnight. So the question is, how did the crop circles form? Is there really an alien spaceship coming here? Experts have come up with several hypotheses.


Hypothesis 1: UFO

This view is supported by the most people, because the crop circles formed in a short time, and UFOs came here to create mysterious geometric patterns, as if they were the marks left by them. But there are also flaws in this view. In recent decades, hundreds of strange circles in wheat fields have appeared on the earth, with different shapes. Do UFOs have so many different shapes?


Hypothesis 2: natural formation


This hypothesis seems impossible, but think about it. In ancient times, people thought that thunder and rain in the sky were all caused by thunder, electricity and mother electricity. Therefore, the strange circle in the wheat field may have been formed by some natural force unknown to human beings.

Hypothesis 3: magnetic field


Experts speculate that there is a mysterious magnetic field where the strange circles in the wheat field are formed. This magnetic field can generate electric current and absorb the wheat to the ground. At first glance, this statement seems right. However, these strange circles are beautiful in shape, like beautiful pictures. How can electric current do this so skillfully?


Hypothesis 4: high frequency radiation

Some scientists once took wheat from the farmland to the laboratory for high-frequency radiation. In just one second, the wheat was bent under the radiation of 600 watts, so the high-frequency radiation that caused the strange circle came from the constant change of geomagnetism. But from another point of view, why does geomagnetic change only cause such a small area change? Obviously, this hypothesis does not hold water.


It was not until 1991 that the truth emerged. There’s a guy named Doug bower and Dave Chorley who broke the news. In 1968, after drinking, they went out to chat, went to their own wheat field, and suddenly drew a magic wheat circle. The tools they used were common boards and ropes, and every Friday was a happy time for them to draw circles. Because they had been painting in a hidden place, few people found it.


In 1970, they went to a crowded place to draw circles. Unexpectedly, they were discovered the next day, and the strange circles in the wheat field were instantly on fire, which made them happy. In 1991, they finally stopped. In 23 years, they have drawn more than 200 strange circles. The reason to stop is that they are over 50 years old, and they are not as energetic as they were when they were young, and they can’t spend a few hours to draw such a pattern.

Interestingly, one of them is a painter selling paintings, and the other is a farmer. The combination of these two mediocre identities makes today’s crop circles. In other words, many farmers now pay people to paint their wheat fields in order to increase their income.

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