A mysterious signal came from the depths of the universe, 10 billion light-years away from the earth. Was it sent by aliens?

Ten billion light-years away from the earth, the eye of heaven has captured mysterious signals and erupted 11 times in a row!


The universe is a mysterious world, which contains too many secrets that human beings cannot know. Today’s scientific forces cannot be revealed, and black hole is one of them. In the eyes of the public, black hole is a channel connecting the future space-time. If we can find its existence, we may be able to shuttle freely in the universe and return to the past and the future. It is a kind of invisible material with high research value. In addition to it, there is another cause for scientists to think, that is, rapid radio bursts.


Mysterious signal captured by Chinese sky eye


There will always be a lot of news in life. The news reports are all new things that have happened recently. More than 20 years ago, some scientists first discovered the figure of fast radio storm in the universe. This discovery has aroused the attention of the whole world. Scientists want to reveal the mystery behind it. It was discovered by China’s sky eye, the world’s largest radio telescope. It was 10 billion light-years away from the earth and found fast radio storm. Different from previous radio storms, it repeats itself Many times, it’s a very rare condition. Ten billion light-years away from the earth, the eye of heaven has captured mysterious signals and erupted 11 times in a row!


This phenomenon of repetition has aroused many people’s deep thinking. Although it only lasts for a few milliseconds, it can burst out with infinite power. Normally, when it is captured only once, there is a repeated signal this time. Before the discovery of China’s sky eye, scientists also discovered the most amazing rapid radio storm, which is frb121102. It is understood that it broke out 11 times in a row at that time. According to the situation of its outbreak, scientists quickly locked its position, constantly observed its condition, and looked forward to its next outbreak.


How are mysterious signals formed?


So how did it come into being? The formation time of rapid radio bursts is quite short, and there is no rule to follow, so it is difficult to trace them. However, scientists have found a way to determine the distance between them and the earth, that is, the degree of dispersion. At that time, China’s sky eye captured frb181123 and found that its dispersion was quite high, so it was quite scientific to accurately determine how far away it was from the earth.


Some scientists believe that rapid radio storms have a great connection with alien civilization, and many people think it is impossible. One professor confirmed that every rapid radio storm is actually a result of the interstellar travel of the alien civilization. Due to the extremely fast speed of light, it can release huge energy. Some people expressed different views. They thought that the rapid radio storm is a signal sent by the alien civilization, and it is also an accident for the human beings to find their own companions.


Over the years, scientists are still committed to the study of fast radio bursts. Not only it, there are too many things unknown to human beings in the universe, which are worth exploring. Human understanding of the universe is also from scratch, step by step to learn more. Nowadays, many unconvincing views have been confirmed one by one, and it is believed that in the future, fast radio bursts and black holes will be fully revealed, which is very important Everything depends on the power of science and technology. What do you think of rapid radio bursts? You can leave a message for interaction.

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