A mysterious substance has been found that can instantly condense into crystals or freeze the ocean!

A mysterious substance has been found that can instantly condense into crystals or freeze the ocean!


Water is the most common substance in nature. It has three forms: solid state, liquid state and gas state. With the change of temperature, the form will also change. For example, when the environment reaches 100 ℃, water will turn into steam and gas. Once the temperature is below zero, it will turn into solid and condense into ice. Therefore, water is usually liquid under standard atmospheric pressure. When the temperature is below zero centigrade, it is a mixture of ice and water.


Water is the source of life, no matter when and where can not do without water. Everyone’s body is rich in water. If you don’t have enough water to drink every day, it will seem that you don’t have enough water. It is a natural law that water condenses into ice. I believe we have never heard of what kind of material ice No. 7 is. It is very mysterious. According to the understanding of scientists, it can quickly freeze the liquid water with the fastest speed. Such a kind of material is very rare. Many people say that if No. 7 ice is put into the melting glacier, can it alleviate the phenomenon of glacier melting? A mysterious substance has been found that can instantly condense into crystals or freeze the ocean!


Scientists have also thought about this problem. However, after careful consideration, they found that this behavior is not reliable. Although the earth is more like a water ball with countless oceans, the total amount of these seawater is very objective, and there are very few fresh water resources available. As long as we can make full use of the seawater resources, we will not worry about the depletion of energy. Many people are doubting the power of ice No.7. If it is so magical, it can absorb more energy. It is like our common solid water, but its crystallinity and crystalline form are different, and it is also closely related to the pressure. Water can change its shape at will and has certain fluidity.


When the water surface has enough pressure, the water molecules will escape faster, which is the reason why the boiling point of water will rise. Once the opposite is true, it will condense into ice. The form of water is closely related to its activities. Ice No.7 will melt into liquid water under huge pressure as long as its temperature rises to less than 1000 degrees Celsius, and it does not have such strong heat absorption capacity.


It is said that ice No.7 can freeze the whole ocean, which is just a fable. It is obvious that such super ice No.7 rarely exists in real life. The most important thing is that the pressure is not enough. It must have enough pressure and suitable temperature to produce such ice No.7, and the flow speed is very fast. It’s not a strange thing, but a changeable structure, which will melt when the temperature reaches a certain value.


Many substances in nature are unheard of and need to be further explored. So is ice No.7. Its surface has the ability to freeze quickly, but it is not. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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