A mysterious urn at the bottom of the Jerusalem tower, or a place where Jesus was buried

As early as 2012, the British media announced this news. Archaeologists found a mysterious urn at the bottom of a tower building in Jerusalem, which is suspected to be a “Tomb of Jesus”


The discovery was detected by a robotic arm equipped with a camera, and the words “holy Lord” were clearly written on the top of the urn! Wake up! Wake up And it’s only 200 feet away from the tomb of Jesus’ brother, which was discovered in 2005.

Earlier, an urn was unearthed near Jerusalem, on which the words “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” were engraved. At that time, some people speculated that this might be the oldest material that could prove the existence of Jesus. However, some people argued that the word “Jesus” might have the same name.


However, this discovery in 2012 further confirmed that the former “Jesus” was Jesus in the Bible. Although we can’t prove its authenticity at present, with the gradual increase of discoveries in the future, we believe that we can gradually crack the secret of the mysterious urn, and even prove the existence of Jesus.


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