A “new continent” appears in the Pacific Ocean, but no one is willing to manage it. Let it live and die on its own!

China’s satellite has captured the “new world”. Unfortunately, it has no real name and is quietly approaching China!


Going to outer space is a goal that human beings have never changed. Human beings have been close to this goal and have made full preparations. The emergence of various space equipment, such as detectors, satellites, telescopes and so on, has enabled human beings to further understand the universe. Satellites, in particular, are of great help to our lives. Because the navigation system and meteorological system that we usually come into contact with are closely related to each other. All this is due to the contribution of satellites, and the help it gives us is endless.


Looking back on the past, there are many satellites launched by various countries. Not long ago, Chinese satellites sent back a picture. The picture in this picture caught people off guard. At first, scientists mistakenly thought that the satellite had captured the formation of a new continent. At first glance, it turned out to be an Island. After careful consideration, they found that it was not the so-called new continent or a real island, It’s an island of garbage. China’s satellite has captured the “new world”. Unfortunately, it has no real name and is quietly approaching China!


The “new world” was named garbage island


They float in the same direction and pile up into a hill like island. It is composed of thousands of garbage. Facing this island, we can’t avoid it. If this is just a new continent, it is estimated that all countries will scramble for the right to use it. But now no one is willing to take care of this garbage island and let it live and die. It appears in the Pacific out of thin air, which must have a great relationship with human behavior.


People usually don’t pay much attention to the environmental problems. These wastes are highly adsorptive. They constantly absorb marine wastes and form a huge island. The satellite also photographed that the garbage island is slowly approaching China. When it arrives in China, it will bring great threat to the people of the whole country. As we all know, the earth is made up of seven parts of the ocean and three parts of the land. The ocean occupies a large part of the earth. If the oceans are stained, what will the future of mankind be like?


How is garbage island formed?


Some people once detected the existence of plastic particles in amphipods, which sounded the alarm for human beings. Human beings usually do not pay attention to the protection of the environment. Now, this situation is caused by human behavior in the final analysis. The garbage that can’t be solved is thrown into the sea, and they think it’s OK, but they don’t know that the garbage is accumulating day by day, and it will eventually come to an end One day there will be a complete explosion, and then the earth will be full of garbage. This is not the time for us to shirk our responsibilities.


It’s time to unite and fight against this garbage island. It’s an urgent problem to eliminate it forever. Blindly escaping from it will only make the garbage more and more unscrupulous, and ultimately endanger the physical and mental health of the people all over the country. If we don’t want the earth to become a garbage planet, we should start from now on, make our contribution and do a good job in garbage classification It’s possible to solve the island. Do you have a good way to deal with this rubbish? You can leave a message for interaction.

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