A new explanation for mirage? Scientists guess: maybe it’s the refraction of parallel space-time!

In ancient times, when people saw some magical natural phenomena, they always associated them with fairy tales. For example, mirage, which is very familiar to modern people, was actually caused by the refraction of light. This phenomenon has been recorded in many ancient books. An article once wrote that when they were walking in the busy city, they saw another busy market in the sky. There were many people coming and going in the market, just like a scene of heaven.


Mirage in China


The frequency of mirage on the earth is very high. Due to the different longitude and latitude, mirage will appear in different pictures. In many mirages, some phenomena are colorful, and some phenomena are black and white, without any color. For example, in our country’s Jiangxi and Foshan, there has been such a magical scene. At that time, the sky was cloudless, and many people came out to play, so many people witnessed the emergence of mirage. In the blue sky suddenly appeared a city in the sky, this city is close to the sky, lifelike, leading many people to think whether they have entered the parallel universe.


Mirage in the Aegean Sea


With the continuous change of social concept, although this phenomenon can be explained by science, some people still think that the emergence of mirage is not accidental, it may be the entrance of parallel world. Such a statement is not a shadow in the air. There has been a mirage in the Aegean Sea in history. We all know that the appearance of this phenomenon means that the same picture has happened in a corner of the world, and this picture must exist at the same time. Of course, the mirage over the sea of love, but there are Viking tribes thousands of years ago.


Why did people thousands of years ago appear in today’s world?


At that time, many people witnessed this phenomenon. An army appeared in the sky. They fought on the battlefield with ancient shields and weapons. It was a magnificent picture. Many people have doubts about this phenomenon. Why did the pictures of thousands of years ago appear in modern society?


Does parallel space-time really exist?


Once a scientist did such an experiment. He made a paddle, which was only the size of human hair. He put the paddle into a vacuum device, and the device had ultra-low temperature. As a result, he found that the device had both static and vibrating phenomena, so he thought that there was parallel space-time in the universe, and in that space-time, maybe the same thing happened in our world.


So some people think, why are more and more mirages without prototypes? In fact, it is because they are another manifestation of time and space, which can also explain why the pictures of thousands of years ago appear in today’s world. This statement has also been recognized by many people. In fact, in our opinion, there is no scientific basis for this statement. Although we believe in the existence of parallel universes, there is no clear evidence to prove that we think that mirage is really caused by parallel space-time?

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