A new round of cold air attack, cooling 10 degrees south toward our country, Blizzard is coming?

Now October has entered the last ten days. I believe many people have this feeling. This autumn seems to come earlier than before. Some people even think that this winter is the coldest year in 60 years. Of course, this view has been refuted by meteorologists. Even if La Nina has appeared, its impact on China will not be so intense. The coldest winter in 60 years is just a guess.


A new cold air is coming


In fact, if we look at China’s satellite cloud images, from October 17, the number of rainy areas in China is gradually decreasing, which means that most parts of southern China have begun to retreat. From the perspective of China’s Yellow River, the north of the Yellow River is most of the clear sky area, many northern cities have ushered in the autumn weather. In the past few days, Xiaobian also took off his heavy coat and began to put on autumn clothes. However, according to the data of meteorologists, this is only a short moment. Next, the weather pattern in China will also change, and a new round of cold air will soon come. Don’t underestimate this cold air. If you don’t pay attention to keeping warm, you will definitely get sick and catch a cold.


From today to the 22nd, China will be affected by a strong cold air. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and its northern areas will also be hit by a northerly wind of magnitude 4-6. The northern areas of the Yangtze River and Huaihe River will also begin to cool, with a range of 6-8 degrees. According to the forecast data of computer, there may be a strong oscillation in the westerly belt of East Asia, which will cause most of the cold air to move southward to China. This cold air is fierce. For example, the coastal areas of South China and even the northern part of the South China Sea will be affected by this cold air. Most parts of South China should pay attention to keeping warm.


Some cities will snow


Cold air has begun to march into our country, which means that the temperature is falling at the same time, the rain and snow weather also began to appear. In recent days, the Tibetan Plateau and the northern part of Xinjiang will also have rain and snow weather, especially the Tibetan plateau may have moderate to heavy snow, which is a negative impact on the local residents. For example, in the Middle East of China, although there will be no snowfall, many northern cities will start to live a warm and warm life after the cold air.


Although this winter is coming, it will not have a great impact on China’s air. So don’t worry about it. It won’t happen again this year.


So we still need to pay attention to the change of weather. After all, the global climate is unstable now. Even if we are still wearing coats today, we may have to wear heavy down jackets tomorrow. What do you think?

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