A new species has emerged in Australia, which is four times bigger than wombat. What is the prototype behind it?

A new species has emerged in Australia, which is four times bigger than wombat. What is the prototype behind it?


The earth has a unique geographical position, there are countless protective stars around, many disasters are blocked by these protective stars, so the environment on the earth is more and more excellent, at first there is no life, a desolation. After a long time, unique forms of life have finally been bred. The emergence of these new species has embellished the earth with a trace of color, and the earth has become more vibrant.


Australia is one of the representatives. According to the theory of continental drift, Australia was directly separated when the land plate drifted. As a result, the animals on this land were geographically isolated from those on the original continent, and many new species were born. Few people have seen these new species, such as the kangaroo, which has an unforgettable pocket, where the little kangaroo often moves. In addition, wombat is also the focus of scientists’ research, it has a history of more than 100 years. A new species has emerged in Australia, which is four times bigger than wombat. What is the prototype behind it?


Animal fossils in Australia


Some time ago, it was reported that experts found an animal fossil in Australia. This animal fossil is completely different from ordinary marsupials. Its size is at least 3-4 times larger than that of wombats. After careful observation, scientists speculate that it is likely to have close relationship with wombats. How can it distinguish them? Experts found that the teeth on the skull are highly similar to the teeth of herbivores, so it is determined that it belongs to one of the herbivores and promotes the connection with wombats.


Surprisingly, it’s much bigger than the wombat, and it must be a giant after being restored. So how did scientists find this skull fossil? It is said that the use of underground detectors can detect hard objects that have been buried underground for a long time. This skull fossil was found in this way. After a carpet search of the dry salt lake, researchers finally sensed this hard material. As long as the underground detectors sensed it, they would send out signals.


What are the mysterious fossils?


Its appearance seems to be clay. After cleaning it, it will be exposed. At present, its identity can not be confirmed, so it can only be speculated. It is very likely that it is the ancestor of wombat. If you want to know more about it, you can only find more fossils to judge from it. If it belongs to a giant wombat, it has a history of at least 2.5 million years, and its size is comparable to that of an elephant. It belongs to a prehistoric giant.


At present, its true identity is still in the process of being determined, and all of them are guessed by experts. No matter from the body shape or tooth structure, it refreshes the previous cognition of human beings. There are many marsupials in Australia. Perhaps the prototype of this skull fossil is the ancestor of the wombat. Due to the changes in the environment, the body size is getting smaller and smaller, which is the reason for the formation of today’s wombat. Scientists are trying to test it, hoping to confirm its true identity. Do you think it is a close relative of wombat? You can leave a message for interaction.

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