A new type of super energy, even more powerful than nuclear fusion, with it to explore the stars is not a dream

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Energy is the basis of the rapid development of human civilization, whether it is the ancient human ancestors, or the human civilization in the era of science and technology, can not do without the application of energy. However, in ancient times, the application of energy by human ancestors was very low-level, and they could only use natural energy based on local materials. After entering the era of science and technology, the application of energy by human really entered a new era.


Perhaps before human beings entered the era of science and technology, we did not have a deep understanding of the importance of energy. At that time, energy was just a kind of daily necessities for people, and we did not feel that energy could bring anything to human beings. However, when human beings enter the era of science and technology, especially after going out of the earth, we will understand the significance of energy for human beings.

The energy we know now is fossil energy, whether it’s coal, oil, natural gas or more advanced combustible ice. They all belong to chemical energy. This kind of energy has helped mankind achieve scientific and technological breakthroughs again and again, and helped mankind go out of the earth and start space exploration.

When human beings walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe, they realized how small our cognition was in the past. In the face of the vast universe, the fossil energy that human beings are proud of is not enough. With the present energy technology, even the solar system can not go out, let alone explore the endless starry sky.


If we want to go out of the solar system, out of the Milky way and explore the mysteries of the whole universe, we need to have super fast speed. The slowest speed is sub light speed. Even the speed of light is only tortoise speed in front of the cosmic scale. Only flying at super light speed can we hope to explore the whole universe.

The spaceship can’t get super fast speed without the support of powerful energy. The energy level of fossil energy on the earth is limited. Through the development of science and technology for hundreds of years, the potential of fossil energy has been explored. Relying on fossil energy, the speed of spaceship has been difficult to get substantial improvement.


So if we want to achieve faster spacecraft speed, we need to break the fossil energy and find more powerful super energy. Some people may say that nuclear fusion is a more powerful energy source, which can realize the dream of exploring the starry sky. Is that really the case?

Nuclear fusion energy is indeed a kind of super strong energy far more powerful than fossil energy. If human beings achieve controllable nuclear fusion, the existing fossil energy can be replaced by it, and human beings will usher in the energy game and enter a new energy era. With nuclear fusion power technology, the speed of spacecraft can also be greatly improved, and it is not a problem to realize the preliminary sub light speed flight.

However, relying on nuclear fusion energy, it is still impossible to realize the dream of exploring the starry sky. Although this kind of energy is the most powerful in the visible energy materials of human beings, and a large number of stars in the universe are also nuclear fusion reactions, it is not really a powerful energy in the universe. It is many times more powerful than fossil energy, and can make the spacecraft obtain the initial sub light speed. However, if you want to make the speed of the spacecraft get more powerful improvement, such as realizing the speed of light, super light speed is impossible I’ll be there.


So what kind of energy is really powerful? That is invisible energy. The materials and energy that we can see directly in our daily life are visible energy. Nuclear fusion is also visible energy. And in this universe, there are two kinds of invisible energy, that is, antimatter energy, dark matter energy (dark energy).

Dark matter and dark energy account for more than 95% of the matter in the universe, and they are the real masters of the universe. However, such an ultimate powerful energy source is too far away for us. At present, the existence of dark matter is still in the stage of theoretical exploration for human beings, and we have not really found dark matter in the universe or laboratory. However, many unusual phenomena in the universe tell us that dark matter and dark energy exist.


Antimatter is much weaker than the mystery and elusiveness of dark matter. Of course, the weakness is only relative to dark matter, and antimatter is many times stronger than nuclear fusion. Antimatter is the antimatter state of normal matter. When the positive and negative matter meet, the two sides will annihilate and cancel each other, explode and produce huge energy. Antimatter is a substance that has been proved to exist, and scientists can extract a small amount of it in the laboratory. Its energy is far stronger than nuclear energy. It is the most powerful energy material that human beings have found.

With a large amount of antimatter, we can calculate the antimatter engine. If it is installed on the spaceship, it is hopeful that the speed of the spaceship will be increased to more than 280000 kilometers per second, and subluminal flight will be realized. And antimatter also has a major advantage, its energy is generated spontaneously through annihilation, unlike nuclear fuel, which also needs to enter a very complex nuclear reaction in a nuclear engine. Therefore, antimatter energy can reduce the weight of the spacecraft, which is conducive to the high-speed flight of the spacecraft.

Although nuclear fusion energy can also make spacecraft fly at sublight speed, the sublight speed may be only one thousandth or less of the speed of light. The sub speed of light realized by antimatter may reach one tenth of the speed of light or even closer to the speed of light. With such a speed, it’s very easy for the spacecraft to fly out of the solar system, and it can also explore some galaxies near the solar system, which is a preliminary step into the interstellar civilization.


With the sub light speed flight provided by antimatter energy, we can explore the earth like planets near the solar system, find the second earth suitable for human survival, and carry out preliminary interstellar migration. At this time, human beings are really strong, and have the initial StarCraft power in the universe.

Of course, antimatter energy is not the ultimate source of energy. Although it can allow us to preliminarily explore galaxies outside the solar system, it can not make us realize our dream of exploring the whole galaxy and universe. To realize this dream, we need a more powerful energy than antimatter, which is dark matter energy.


Only by mastering the dark matter and dark energy that dominate the universe, can we really have the ability of interstellar shuttle, freely shuttle between galaxies, become the civilization at the top of the universe pyramid, and even hope to become the overlord of the universe.

Human beings are the overlord of the earth. When we enter the starry sky, in the big family of cosmic civilization, it may be only a relatively low level civilization, far away from the overlord of the universe. Only when we have the power to travel all over the starry sky and can shuttle freely in all the starry sky, can we become the overlord of the universe. It is believed that such temptation is extremely huge for human beings. Only by becoming the overlord of the universe can human civilization be regarded as truly safe. We will not worry about the end of other civilizations one day. The truth that power is king is an eternal truth in both the earth age and the space age.

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