A nuclear reactor in Gabon, Africa, is 2 billion years old. Did prehistoric civilization really exist?

It only took mankind 200 years to enter the era of science and technology. Throughout the whole process of human development, the development of nuclear reactors is only 70 or 80 years. In the eyes of some countries with ulterior motives, nuclear weapons are the best weapon of war. Strictly speaking, the first time that mankind invented nuclear reactor was in 1942. This experiment was completed by physicist Fermi. This experiment also marks that mankind has officially entered the era of nuclear energy.


In the process of exploring prehistoric civilization, scientists have made an unexpected discovery that a nuclear reactor has appeared in the Oklo region of Africa. After research, scientists found that this nuclear reactor has been 2 billion years since now, which seems impossible to us. There was no intelligent life on the Earth billions of years ago How to build a nuclear reactor? Does prehistoric civilization really exist?


Development of nuclear industry


Since the 1970s, mankind began to focus on the development of nuclear industry. At that time, France was also a major force in the development of nuclear industry. Due to the lack of raw materials, they had to buy uranium from Gabon in Africa. When African uranium workers received orders from France, they began to build nuclear fuel. But in 1972, the French factory suddenly found a problem. They found that the concentration of uranium 235 sent by the uranium mine was only 0.717%. Although the gap between this figure and the accepted data is very small, the requirements for fuel and fuel are very strict, and a small error is likely to cause irreparable consequences. So French companies began to investigate the supply chain. They found that from 1970 to 1972, the content of uranium 235 was only 0.69%.


Two billion years ago


What’s your nuclear reactor?


They thought that this figure was too abnormal, so they sent experts to Oklo area in Africa. After investigating this area, scientists found that the content of uranium 235 was far less than that of natural formation. Therefore, some people speculate that this uranium mine has been mined for a long time, so nuclear fission took place in this place, and the concentration became less and less. After in-depth research, scientists have made a more shocking discovery. It turns out that the reactor was formed two billion years ago and has been running for more than tens of thousands of years.


Many conspiracy theorists believe that this nuclear reactor may be evidence of the existence of prehistoric wisdom, but scientists have put forward a different view. They believe that this nuclear reactor is not man-made, but natural. The reason why they came to this conclusion is that the heat of this nuclear reactor is very low. If prehistoric civilization or aliens really came to the earth and built such a nuclear reactor, it would be meaningless.


In fact, the earth’s environment is not immutable. Long ago, the earth was rich in minerals, so natural nuclear reactors appeared in many places, which indirectly caused geological changes. If we want to study prehistoric civilization, we must explore it more closely. We can’t jump to a conclusion just through some superficial phenomena. What do you think?

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