A nuclear war on Mars? Civilization destroyed by nuclear war? What the hell is going on?

Man has been born on earth for millions of years. In the process of birth, human beings have been constantly evolving and developing. While consuming the energy on the earth, they also cause a huge burden on the earth.

Now the earth can not bear the heavy burden, human survival is facing various crises. Therefore, scientists have long begun to explore outer space, looking for a second “Earth” suitable for human survival.


Therefore, scientists turn their eyes to Mars, because Mars is also an earth like planet, and its atmospheric environment has many similarities with the earth. Man has made unremitting efforts to explore Mars.

Although Mars’ atmospheric environment is not as mild as earth’s, scientists have found liquid water on Mars, thus inferring that there may be life on Mars.

It is understood that Mars was formed 100 million years before the earth. An American physicist has been working on Mars. He said there was an ancient civilization on Mars, but it was destroyed by nuclear war.


Whether this was caused by the invasion of Mars or by the invasion of other civilizations is still uncertain. Why does this physicist say that?

According to the satellite photos on the surface of Mars, the land on the surface of Mars is red and desert, which is likely to be the trace of thermonuclear explosion. In addition, there is a thin layer of radioactive materials on the surface of Mars, such as uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium.


Scientists also found that the Martian atmosphere contains high concentrations of xenon-129 and nuclear isotopes, similar to the hydrogen bomb explosion test. All these phenomena indicate that there may be a nuclear war on Mars.

According to scientists, Mars may have had a Martian civilization. The discovery of liquid water on Mars seems to prove this. Now scientists have found these substances in the Martian atmosphere, which also shows that the Martian civilization is likely to be extinct in the event of a nuclear war.

As a result, scientists did not find anything when they explored the Martian civilization. All this seems to make sense. But why is there a nuclear war on Mars?


That’s an answer scientists can’t get right now. We hope that mankind can solve these problems in the future. What do you think of it? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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