A person may die after being bitten by a poisonous snake. What happens when a poisonous snake injects its venom into his body?

Hearing the word “snake”, everyone will be a little afraid, let alone poisonous snake. Ordinary people are almost afraid of poisonous snake. Tens of thousands of people are bitten by poisonous snakes every year. Although with the development of medical treatment, the number of people who die has been very small, most of them are children and the elderly, it is very disturbing to meet poisonous snakes face to face. The reason why venomous snakes are poisonous is that they secrete venom and attack their prey with venom at the moment of biting. In this way, they don’t need to kill their prey. They just need to wait for their prey to die of poisoning and then enjoy their prey. So why is the venom so deadly?


First of all, there are three kinds of venoms of poisonous snakes. The first one is the venom with neurotoxin. The snakes with this kind of venom are generally the cobra and the golden ring snake. This kind of venom specially destroys the nervous tissue of the human body. After poisoning, the muscles of the human body will become stiff and tremble, and it will be difficult to breathe gradually. Finally, the whole body will twitch, the respiratory muscles will be paralyzed, and then suffocate to death.

The second is the venom with blood circulation toxin. Snakes with this kind of venom are generally vipers and vipers. This kind of venom will melt into the blood and destroy the blood structure. After poisoning, the human body will not only have blood flow, but also have severe skin pain and even skin necrosis. Eventually, it will die of heart failure because of blood circulation failure.


The third is the venom with cytotoxin. The snake with this venom is sea snake. Sea snake is extremely dangerous. After being bitten by sea snake, there is no pain and no very severe symptoms. However, it will be completely absorbed by human body after a few hours, resulting in muscle weakness, muscle soreness, serious damage to heart and kidney, and finally died without knowing it. In addition, there is a mixed type of venom, which is a mixed type of these three kinds of venoms, and the degree of danger of venom is higher.


So in the face of such a dangerous venom, will the snake be afraid? In fact, the output of venom is controlled by the snake itself, and the second is that the snake will not bite itself, and it is impossible to accidentally bite. This kind of snake has long been eliminated by nature. In addition, the component of venom is actually protein. The human body will not be poisoned when drinking the venom without wound. The venom will be decomposed and digested in the intestines and stomach. Therefore, drinking snake venom is generally not toxic. Even if a snake drinks its own poison, it will not be poisoned.

Of course, there are also some snakes that will not die even if they bite, such as the Egyptian cobra, which has the venom that affects neurotoxins and only targets the nerves of mammals, so it will not be poisoned by its own venom. Of course, there is a long time from poisoning to death. As long as the treatment is timely enough, the harm of snake venom is already very small under the current medical technology, so don’t scare it when you see a snake. Walk away calmly, it won’t attack you.

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