A phenomenon that can communicate with ghosts: Supernatural electronic vision. This is science, not superstition

As early as in the article “five real supernatural experiments you don’t know, providing strong evidence for the existence of the soul”, Xiaobian once mentioned the supernatural electronic vision, or EVP for short.

This phenomenon refers to the fact that in the electronic media such as tapes or radios, human like sounds can be received from unknown sources. You see, don’t think Xiaobian is boasting. It’s science, not superstition.

Xiaobian believes in the existence of all supernatural phenomena, but Xiaobian also believes in science. For example, with the existence of “soul”, my friends often ask me, do you believe in “ghost”? Xiaobian always said: I believe that human body will exist in some form after death, just like human brain will emit brain waves, brain waves also exist, but no one can see them. Yes, this is science, not superstition.


Like electric fields, magnetic fields and gravitational fields, we are also exposed to all kinds of radio waves. Those who have studied for a few days should know the working principle of radio. They say that radio waves are converted into changing electric current, that is, audio signals, which are then sent to the speakers and become the sound we can hear

In the United States, there is the supernatural electronic vision Association. In their experiments, there was such a discovery:


In August 2003, Ruth Beth’s voice was recorded: “I’ll never see you again!” But Ruth bass died as early as 1987.



In 2003, the voice and video of Stanley Sears “I love you…” And he died in 2002.



Angela Brown’s message “get out of my house!” was recorded in 2001 She died in 1968.

In the past 20 years, more and more people have begun to believe in EPV, and even began to use EPV to try to contact their family members, and use the most common communication equipment in life. If you are also interested, you might as well have a try. Xiaobian has not found anything so far

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