A piece of paper, a pen, with a “super game”, teach you how to travel through time and space!

Time often becomes a troubling problem. Whether human beings can one day invent the time machine is a question that we have even disturbed since childhood. Chuanyue opera was once popular all over the country. Xiaobian even fantasized about whether he would cross into the future or the past in some way. Of course, after so many years, there seems to be no evidence that human beings have the ability to cross time. But now, Xiaobian uses a super game to answer our long-standing question.

First, prepare a piece of paper and a pen. The quality of the paper should be good enough, because you have to ensure that the paper can be preserved for decades, hundreds of years or even thousands of years. Secondly, the quality of the pen should be good enough. The pen water is insoluble in water and not easy to oxidize, because it needs to be preserved together with the paper for decades, hundreds or even thousands of years. Then we can start our super game.


Write a paragraph on the paper in a form similar to this: to my nth generation descendants, I am your ancestor XXX, born on XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX. Remember, the tone must be solemn, because this paper is to be browsed by your n generations. Secondly, make it clear in the letter that your descendants will visit you by the time machine, and point out the exact time and where you were first. Finally, if you didn’t invent the time machine in your time, please keep this letter sealed. Finally, use an absolutely reliable method to seal the letter, put it in a safe and seal it with a small can. Be very careful to ensure that your descendants will still be able to see your letter hundreds of years later.

If everything you do goes well, you will see your children and grandchildren visit you in the time machine they have in a few minutes. But what if n fails?

In fact, in the eyes of many people, this is just a simple game, but in the eyes of Xiaobian, this game seems to have some sense. But after Xiaobian tried it, we didn’t find that our N-generation descendants had come. If you also tried Xiaobian’s “super game” and failed, there may be several reasons as follows:


1. Your nth generation did come, but for some reason, your memory was erased.

2. Your nth generation has indeed come, but he can see you, but you can’t see him.


3. In the future, there is no ability to master time travel.

4. Future masters the ability of time crossing, but time crossing is forbidden.

5. You are peerless

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