A place full of diamonds, as many as 100 billion tons, why does no one dare to dig?

The place with the most diamonds is enough for human beings to dig for tens of thousands of years, but no one dares to go!


Everyone has had a dream of becoming rich overnight. The dream is a dream after all and cannot be turned into reality. We often see that many people win the lottery. The chance is very small, unless the goddess of luck comes, which is extremely rare in life. In front of money, it is estimated that no one can resist its temptation. If you want to buy something, you have to pay for it.


Many poor families are born with the ability to work hard by themselves. Only when they are born, they are born in the end point of others. They are rich in family property. They belong to the two generation of small rich people and are born with golden keys. In the absence of such conditions, everyone should pursue something. Everyone must know the value of gold. In ancient times, gold was an obsessive treasure. One or two gold could even build a house. Diamond is the same value as gold. Diamond is the most obsessive thing for women. In order to show their noble identity, many women will bring all kinds of diamonds with them, and the bright ones can also show their identity. The place with the most diamonds is enough for human beings to dig for tens of thousands of years, but no one dares to go!


Unfortunately, there are not many diamonds on the earth. One carat of diamonds can often be sold at a high price. Not everyone can afford it. When scientists explore the universe, they find a crystal clear planet. It is understood that it has innumerable diamonds inside. The most incomprehensible thing is why no one dares to dig such a rich planet? This is a question worth pondering.


In 2010, an American astronomer discovered a white dwarf star. Different from other white dwarfs, its surface is inlaid with diamonds. After in-depth understanding, we know that this white dwarf star is called Lucy, and its interior is composed of carbon and oxygen, so the whole surface presents the appearance of water crystal. Its volume is much larger than that of the sun, and its value can be imagined. It is understood that its distance from the earth is not far, only more than 70 light-years. A lot of people want to dig some diamonds from this planet, so they can get rich. However, dream is a dream after all. There are many uncertain factors to take possession of this star ball. Why do you say that?


We don’t know if there is life on this planet. If there is life, we rush to mine diamonds, which is bound to cause their anger. At that time, we will launch attacks on human beings. Instead of diamonds, we will lose our life. Times are always changing. Now that gold has depreciated, it is difficult for us to guarantee that diamonds will not depreciate in the future. Maybe when technology improves, these gold diamonds will not be so valuable, so we don’t need to take such risks.


Life is priceless. No matter how much money you have, if you lose your life, it’s nothing. With their own hands, the money they earn is the most fragrant, and these Gold Diamonds are just external things. What do you think of this diamond filled planet? You can leave a message for interaction.

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