A plastic straw was found in the turtle’s nose. It will be banned completely by the end of the year. Experts are really angry this time!

A plastic straw was found in the turtle’s nose. It will be banned completely by the end of the year. Experts are really angry this time!


Since the rapid development of science and technology in all walks of life, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages. Recently, a new regulation has been issued. It is expected that disposable plastic straws will no longer be used in the catering industry nationwide by the end of 2020. After hearing this news, the majority of netizens became restless, some people agreed, and some people opposed.


The importance of straws in all aspects of life


Straw is a very common thing in our life. We will contact it everyday. When we drink, we will habitually insert a straw. It has a wide range of functions. It can not only prevent burns, but also avoid bumps when taking the bus or walking. It is also very elegant to drink. It is most popular with women, women like to go out make-up, drink milk tea when inserted straw, can effectively prevent lipstick off, its importance is self-evident, is a kind of indispensable material. A plastic straw was found in the turtle’s nose. It will be banned completely by the end of the year. Experts are really angry this time!


When the news came out, many people were puzzled. Since straws are so convenient and practical, why should they be banned? Most of the straws are made of plastic, which is both economical and convenient. Disposable plastic materials will pile up more and more over time, which is not easy to degrade and seriously affects the environment. At present, there is no alternative to plastic straws. Originally, we planned to use paper straws, but the cost is too high and the plasticity is poor. If we do not find a feasible solution, do we really want to ban the use of plastic straws?


Some time ago, there was a data report. In 2019, 8184 tons of plastic waste had been accumulated in China, of which plastic straw accounted for 30000 tons. Many people can’t help but wonder why we should ban it first because it doesn’t occupy many parts? Even if we ban the use of plastic straws, can we completely eradicate the problem of plastic pollution? Nowadays, the comfort and convenience that human beings enjoy are intentionally or unintentionally harming the earth’s environment. In the long run, it is impossible to last long. There is a large amount of plastic waste production in the world every year.


The harm of plastic straw to the earth


Although the straw only occupies a small part, the damage is irreversible. Some time ago, there was a video in which a plastic straw was found in the nostril of a sea turtle. The researchers spent a lot of effort to take out the straw. It is clear that it has polluted the marine environment. Why don’t we ban it? Because of its strong plasticity, cheap and other advantages, it occupies all aspects of life, and also brings indelible harm. The speed of human production of plastics is far higher than that of degradation. In the future, we can only reduce the use of plastics to alleviate environmental problems.


The garbage that people throw away in our daily life will cause certain pollution. Plastic will not only destroy the ecosystem, but also form a vicious circle and bring more disasters to human beings. Everyone should be aware of the seriousness of the plastic problem and consciously control the use of plastic. Only in this way can the environment of the earth become better and better. Even if plastic straws cannot be used, businesses can come up with better solutions. What do you think of this regulation? You can leave a message for interaction.

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