A real archaeological discovery or proof that ancient mythology may be a lost history

I believe we are not unfamiliar with myths and legends. There are many myths and legends around the world, such as Pangu Kaikai in China, Nuwa’s creation of human beings, ancient Greek myths and the struggle between gods, Indian cosmology and Brahma, etc.

There are ten ancient myths and legends on the earth, which are distributed all over the world and appear for a very long time. In ancient times, due to the lack of scientific knowledge, people worshipped myths and legends very much. Most of the ancients believed that Gods existed.


When human civilization enters the era of science and technology, there are fewer and fewer people who believe in myths and legends. Most modern people don’t believe that those myths and legends are true, and they don’t believe that there were gods on the earth in ancient times. However, many scientists in the age of science and technology began to question the existence of ancient gods.

Why don’t ordinary people believe in myths and legends while some scientists begin to question them? With the help of science and technology, human beings go out of the earth to see the vast universe. When we really see the vastness and mystery of the universe, we have no doubt about the existence of alien intelligent civilization.

Scientists believe that alien civilization exists, and the powerful alien civilization in the eyes of modern human beings is similar to the immortal. Therefore, some scientists speculate that the immortals in ancient times may be the alien civilization that came to the earth, and those myths and legends may be a lost ancient history of aliens living and communicating with the earth.


So is the scientist’s guess totally groundless? Of course not. In the 19th century, an archaeologist found a prehistoric relic recorded in mythology, which caused a sensation among scientists. What’s the matter?

I believe many people know that the influence and scope of ancient Greek mythology is far beyond other myths and legends, and the battle of the gods is the main representative in ancient Greek mythology. There is a very famous myth and legend work “Iliad”, which describes the great war between the gods, the author is the ancient Greek poet Homer.


For thousands of years, people have regarded Iliad as a fictional fairy tale, in which the plot is Homer’s fantasy. But in 1868, an archaeologist Heinrich schliman put forward different opinions.

Heinrich schliman believes that the Iliad is not a myth, but a history book, in which the scenes described are real historical events. In the face of all kinds of difficulties, Heinrich schliman did not give up his position, but began to prepare to look for the city of Troy in the Iliad.

Troy is the main city in this myth. If we can find the real city relics, we can prove that Iliad is not a myth, but a lost history. After long efforts and search, Heinrich schliman finally found the mythical city of Troy, thus proving that the battle of Troy is not a myth, but a real historical event.


Heinrich schliman’s insistence and important discovery have broken the boundary between myth and history, liberated people’s thinking, especially caused great shock in the scientific community, and made many scientists begin to pay attention to the myths and legends that have appeared on the earth. Will they also be the real history of ancient times?

We can see from the myths and legends around the world that God almost has some common characteristics, that is, the ability to fall from the sky, have the ability to fly, and have the ability to overturn mountains and rivers, turn over hands and rain. These abilities are inconceivable to the ancients. Only the Legendary God can do them. But in the eyes of modern people, these abilities can be explained by science.


If mythology is a real history, where do the so-called immortals come from? In any case, they can’t be ordinary human beings, because human beings can’t have their ability. In the end, there is only one possibility that they don’t belong to the earth, but come from the sky.

In the chariot of the gods, Erich von Daniken believes that the mythological stories of the world’s famous peoples are not the illusory imagination of the ancients, but an unknown history, a history of communication and life between alien creatures and human beings.

With the deepening of research, some scholars have found a surprising fact: in the period from 4000 BC to 3000 BC, almost all ancient civilizations on the earth were influenced by a certain homologous culture, and they showed amazing consistency in many aspects.


As we all know, the land of the earth split into six plates as early as the age of dinosaurs. After the plate split, due to the barrier of the ocean, there was almost no possibility for human civilizations living in different plates to communicate. There is no way for different civilizations to communicate with each other. Why is there a highly unified myth?

There is only one possibility that there is an unknown force interfering in different continental plates. If we want to interfere in different plates blocked by the sea, we must have the ability to cross the sea quickly. In modern times, we can achieve this by using aircraft.


In ancient times, primitive human beings on the Earth naturally did not have such ability. Only extraterrestrial civilization could have such ability. Therefore, when scientists in the future really want to uncover more myths and legends and prove that more myths are actually lost history, then connecting myths with aliens will be recognized by more people.

Of course, it is very difficult to find these answers. Many things have disappeared in the long history. It can be seen that the history of the earth may be far more complicated and mysterious than we think. If in ancient times, alien civilizations really came to the earth to communicate with human beings for a period of time. So is the earth still in the attention of alien civilization?

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