A real “werewolf incident” in history, which caused 100 deaths in three years, is hateful!

A real “werewolf incident” in history, which caused 100 deaths in three years, is hateful!


Since ancient times, we have heard a lot of legends about werewolves. In the existing human cognition, there is no difference between the appearance of werewolves and ordinary people. When the moon is dark and the wind is high, it will lose its mind and become a ferocious beast looking for food at night. Of course, the legend is just a legend, and no one has ever seen it with his own eyes. Werewolf has been discussed by people all the time, and there are too many secrets in its body worth exploring.


There was once a very mysterious monster in France, which was very similar to werewolf. Many witnesses thought it was werewolf. In 1764, a witness saw a ferocious beast. She was a woman herding. The beast was very similar to a wolf in shape, and had sharp claws. But its tail was much longer than that of a common wolf. At first, it was ready to attack her, and then it was scared away by the cattle. The local people called this beast the hot wodang monster. A real “werewolf incident” in history, which caused 100 deaths in three years, is hateful!


This is just a small beginning. Not long after, another witness saw it, but his situation was different. He was killed by this monster, his throat was torn, and his death was extremely miserable. Since then, the gewodang monster began to attack humans frequently. When humans saw it, they were very afraid. Because of its frequent presence, witnesses almost recognized its features. Although it looks like a wolf, its teeth are more tenacious, and its body emits a very pungent smell. Its target is very clear, as if it was prepared in advance. Its aggressiveness is much more stable than that of a werewolf, and its activities are also very dangerous.


It had been shot, and it wasn’t much affected. According to statistics, between 1764 and 1767, it has attacked more than 200 people successively, resulting in 113 deaths. These dead people are very miserable, and part of their body has been eaten by it. The local people hate the monster and are eager to kill it.


In 1767, a hunter claimed to have killed it. Strangely enough, since then, there has been no sign of the monster. Some people think that he is a werewolf, but it is different from a real werewolf. Maybe it is a hybrid of a werewolf and other creatures, which has not been confirmed.


In the whole nature, there are many areas that human beings have not yet explored, and there are too many creatures that human beings have never seen. In this big world, there are many strange animals, and there are countless unsolved mysteries, which requires the unremitting exploration of human beings. Perhaps when science and technology develop to a new stage, future human beings will have the opportunity to uncover the mystery. Do you think werewolves really exist? You can leave a message for interaction.

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