A reservoir has 70000 Jin. Is there any way to stop the scavenger who can’t do anything for China?

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In recent years, with the increasingly frequent exchanges among countries in the world, the ecological environment is getting worse and worse. Many areas have launched an “alien species invasion” without gunsmoke. We mentioned earlier that kangaroos are becoming more and more popular in Australia, and Tumbleweed is invading North America. These alien species have become the most terrible ecological disasters, which will seriously threaten the economic development and ecological security of countries all over the world.

Of course, there are also alien species invasion events in China. Due to China’s vast territory and diverse ecosystem, many alien species have been growing wantonly after finding suitable breeding ecological environment in China. Scavenger fish is one of the alien invasive species. In the 1970s, scavenger fish was introduced from South America to Taiwan as an ornamental fish.


Ugly looking scavenger fish flooding, is “infamous” alien species invasion

For aquarium enthusiasts, the “scavenger” fish is a good helper to clean up the pool. Its biggest feature is that it can clean up the garbage at the bottom of the water, and will not rob other fish of delicious food, such as “fish and insects” or “fish food”. That’s why many Aquarium business people like scavengers. However, the scavenger fish does not have a good-looking appearance like other fish, and its scales are not glittering. It is a very ugly fish, lips like a big sucker, in addition to cleaning moss, seaweed, but also can suck fish eggs. This kind of fish is a good species in the limited space aquarium, but if it is put in the river, other fish will suffer.

Because of the characteristics of water quality and climate, street sweepers are more serious in the South than in the north. Many southerners, in order to have a prosperous business and their families safe, will choose the way of release to pray. This is also the reason why many scavengers will flood the rivers. Among them, Guangdong is the most serious. According to news media reports, there are more than 70000 catties of scavengers in Chikan reservoir of Zhanjiang due to the strong fecundity and vitality of scavengers. To this end, some netizens can’t help asking: “China’s hundreds of millions of foodies, can’t they solve the problem of scavengers? Why are they rampant in China? “

The picture shows the scavenger fish adsorbed on the glass



Strong vitality and rapid reproduction

We all know that the life of fish is the most vulnerable. Once they leave the water, they will surely die. Especially for freshwater fish, they are very strict with the living environment, but scavengers are on the contrary. They are a species with strong vitality, which can be called “the little ones who can’t fight to death”. Some netizens have done experiments. They put the scavenger on the ground and exposed it to the high temperature in the hot summer. On the surface, it seems that it is dying, but if it is put into the water, they will regain their vitality and swim in the water with ease.


Although the scavengers have rough surface, flat head and extremely ugly appearance, they are very “solid” and have strong vitality. The reason why scavengers can survive after leaving the water source is that they can use their stomach and intestines for assisted breathing. In the water, like other fish, they mainly rely on gills for breathing. With this respiratory advantage alone, scavengers can survive in any environment. Throughout the year, as long as there are enough natural waters, scavengers can breed unscrupulously. According to incomplete statistics, a scavenger can breed more than 40000 eggs a year.

The picture shows the scavenger in the sun


Fishy smell, bacteria, theoretically not suitable for table food


If the crayfish can be solved in minutes by hundreds of millions of Chinese food, the scavenger is on the contrary. Its bones are more than its meat. It not only has no nutritional value, but also has a lot of bacteria in the whole viscera, with a very bad smell. It is understood that the upper part of the scavenger’s body is poisonous and can not be used as the raw material for cooking. If we rely on the dining table to solve this epidemic species, it is simply impossible and impractical.


Wearing armor, no natural enemies


In the process of invasion and inundation of all alien species, there is one thing in common, that is “lack of natural enemies”, and so is the scavenger. We all know that the scavenger has more bones than meat, just like “armor”. In various River regions of southern China, because of its own advantages, it lacks natural enemies. This kind of high-profile fish leader has doubled the number of scavengers in the river area. Due to its increasing number, all kinds of fish eggs are also reducing production, which has become their food.

Scavenger is a kind of ornamental fish, completely give up the idea of “eating it”

Some people say that the best way to deal with the invasion of alien species is to let Chinese people eat it. Previously, we also mentioned that scavengers are not recommended in theory. However, in many social networking platforms and live broadcasting platforms, we can see that many people are eating scavengers with relish. Can this kind of creature be eaten? It has to be said that these street sweepers in the mouth of eating and broadcasting may be confusing the real with the fake.

Theoretically speaking, scavengers can’t eat it at all. It’s a kind of ornamental fish with extremely hard shell. No matter how good the knife technique is, it’s very difficult for chefs to deal with it in the process of slaughtering and changing the knife. Moreover, the meat quality of scavengers is very rough, the taste is not good, and the organs contain a variety of bacteria and parasites. Once it’s not handled properly, human beings are extremely vulnerable to infection. A biologist said: “scavengers eat garbage in water. They have a strong earthy smell and have no nutritional value. It is not recommended to eat them.” It can be seen that it is almost impossible to change the scavenger into a food raw material like crayfish.


How to solve the problem of sweepers flooding?

The scavenger, which is the most harmful to fish, not only reproduces quickly, but also has strong vitality. It is the overlord who seizes the living space of rivers. If the scavenger does not exterminate in time, it will destroy a large number of other kinds of fish. Many farmers hate it. If the scavenger is not exterminated as soon as possible, the consequences will be unimaginable. How to stop sweepers from flooding?

1. Encirclement and suppression of fishing and landfill treatment


From March to May every year is the most prosperous period for the breeding of scavengers. At this stage, the managers of many reservoirs will orderly organize manpower to carry out a large number of encirclement and suppression of “scavengers”. Although this way can effectively control the number of scavengers in a short time, it is not a long-term solution.

The number of scavengers in encirclement and suppression fishing is amazing. In the face of a large number of scavengers, due to their low utilization value, the relevant staff will use landfill to deal with them. The encirclement and suppression of fishing needs to be carried out for a long time. However, the breeding speed of “scavengers” is very fast. If we want to eliminate them quickly and completely, it is not enough to rely on the method of encirclement and suppression and landfill. In addition, a large number of scavengers make holes in the dam, which can lead to the soft soil of the reservoir and pose a very serious threat to the safety of the dam.

2. “Waste utilization” feeding crocodiles directly

Is there no natural enemy in the trash fish? In nature, all food chains are linked. No matter what animals live on this earth, there must be natural enemies. The most important reason for the rampant rivers of scavengers in China is the lack of natural enemies. You should know that the hometown of scavengers is in South America, which is also the hometown of crocodiles, so there is a certain reason for the existence of alligators. For example, they are the natural enemies of scavengers.


This kind of dangerous thing will treat the scavenger as a plate of Chinese food. Although the scavenger has a lot of bones and the meat is not tender, the fierce alligators don’t care about it. They will devour a large number of scavengers every minute and will never show mercy. Especially in the state of starvation, they will devour more scavengers. If we use crocodiles to control scavengers, it will be effective, but this way is very dangerous. After all, this ferocious creature will also pose a threat to human beings.

3. Big blue heron is the best helper to eliminate “scavenger fish”

The great blue heron is the most common large water bird in America today. They like to live in fresh water, swamp, lakeside and coast. This kind of water bird often forages in shallow water during the day and at night. Their main food is mainly frogs, fish and some insects. The great blue heron basically enjoys delicious food by fast swallowing, so this is their second day for scavengers The enemy.


Some netizens can’t help asking: “isn’t big blue heron afraid of being stuck by the scavenger? “The biggest characteristic of the big blue heron is to pierce the scavenger fish with its long and sharp beak, and then swallow. Swallowing is the most significant characteristic of the big blue heron, but in rare cases, when they encounter large prey, they are estimated to be stuck. If there are more big blue herons in the south, it can help human successfully eliminate the “scavenger”.


Indians are good at scavengers and think about exporting a lot

For Indians, they are almost omnipotent in terms of food. As long as they can satisfy themselves, they will be satisfied. Although we have mentioned to you that theoretically speaking, it is not recommended to eat scavenger fish, for Indians, they prefer it.


In their eyes, high temperature can kill bacteria, so as long as through high temperature, such as barbecue, scavengers can be eaten. They regard scavengers as natural delicacies, so we can consider exporting a large number of scavenger fish to India. This way can not only effectively curb the number of scavengers, but also improve our economic growth.

The picture shows grilled scavenger fish

The invasion of alien species is like a war without gunpowder for human beings. Alien species are very aggressive and destructive. They not only have strong vitality, but also reproduce and spread very fast, causing extremely serious impact on our ecological environment. With the increasing trade among countries in the world, the invasion of alien species is becoming more and more serious. In this case, all countries should attach great importance to it. We should not let alien species easily destroy our fragile ecological environment, strengthen the management conditions for the introduction of alien species, and protect our ecological environment. We hope everyone can raise their awareness and do their part Responsibility.

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