A resurgence of locust plague? There will be a large number of locusts in Kenya in 2021. How about this year?

Although 2020 has become a thing of the past, there are still many people who are afraid of what they have experienced. In 2020, a serious locust disaster will break out in East Africa. As long as locusts arrive, all crops will be destroyed by locusts. Many cities and regions are also facing food crisis. I didn’t expect that 2021 was just coming, and last year’s locust plague actually made a comeback. Is this still an extraordinary year?


A resurgent plague of locusts

According to the data of scientists, the locusts that wreaked havoc in East Africa last year have a tendency to reappear. These new-born locusts are gathering in Kenya, and the spreading speed is amazing. In just one week, they have spread to seven counties, many crops have been damaged, and the places they pass by are all intact. If this situation can not be controlled, the consequences will be unimaginable.


Scientists believe that this is likely to be a continuation of the locust plague in East Africa in 2020. In addition to the outbreak of locust plague in East Africa, a large number of locusts have also appeared in Pakistan in South Asia. These locusts have spread to India, leading to the issuance of early warning in many areas and entering a state of emergency. As the saying goes, food is the most important thing for the people. If there is no food, how can we ensure the physical activity of human beings? Especially in recent years, the earth’s environment is no longer what it used to be, the ecosystem in many areas has been damaged, and the yield of crops has been greatly reduced, and these resurgent locust plagues have made the situation worse. Scientists have done statistics, the number of these locusts is likely to be as high as hundreds of billions, which is one of the largest locust disasters in nearly 50 years.


Causes of locust plague

Many people are also curious about this kind of locust plague. It is clear that the locust plague will end in 2019. Why is it coming back now? Scientists believe that this may be related to climate change. After continuous rainstorms and cyclones, locusts will enter a new round of breeding. If we think about it carefully, we will find that locusts often appear in backward areas of Africa. Because the locust control resources in these areas are limited and the economic level is relatively backward, there is no way to control the scale of locusts from the source. Therefore, locusts have an excellent breeding environment and spread widely.


Since last year, human beings have been involved in large-scale locust eradication operations. However, the funds of locust eradication teams have been used up immediately, and they can no longer buy dyes. If the funds are not in place, then last year’s efforts are likely to be destroyed. Many people are worried after seeing this situation. Is this really nature punishing human beings?


As the global temperature continues to rise, high temperature and precipitation promote the reproduction of locusts. According to today’s climate situation to see the future, locusts are likely to appear more and more frequently, if we can not solve the problem from the root, then we will also face a new round of food crisis.

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