A satellite, which has been silent for 50 years, suddenly sends a mysterious signal to the earth. Who controls it?

A satellite, which has been silent for 50 years, suddenly sends a mysterious signal to the earth. Who controls it?


Everyone is full of curiosity about the unknown areas, which is the driving force to explore hard. Space is a vast place. People dream of going to see it. Since the level of science and technology has reached a certain level, the space field has developed, and this dream has finally come true. The successful launch of the first man-made satellite in 1957 ushered in a new era of space flight. To a large extent, human beings also have the ability to explore the universe.


According to statistics, at present, 795 satellites are orbiting the earth, many of which have lost contact, and some have become space junk. Among these lost satellites, one is very special, which is called les-1. In 1958, because the researchers underestimated the scale of the explosion, the ionosphere above the detonation site was seriously damaged, and communication between many countries was greatly damaged. A satellite, which has been silent for 50 years, suddenly sends a mysterious signal to the earth. Who controls it?


When the satellite, named les-1, was slowly launched into space, the circuit board also had fatal problems. It did not fly to the scheduled orbit. Until 1966, it was completely abandoned. For the next 50 years, les-1 satellite has been in the state of stopping operation, and almost many people forget it. It is like space garbage, without any status, and always hovers around the earth .


The most unexpected thing is that the 50 year old les-1 satellite suddenly transmitted signals to the earth. No one thought that the long silent satellite would wake up one day. After learning this news, scientists were very happy, and then thought about it very carefully. According to the principle, the 50 year old satellite had no contact, why did it suddenly send signals to the earth What about the signal? Who is behind it?


Experts are also curious about this mysterious signal. A satellite with no use value will be abandoned anytime and anywhere. The signal transmitted by this resurrected les-1 satellite has aroused many people’s curiosity. It is sending signals to the earth at a frequency of every four seconds. Usually, after the satellite is lost, all the programs will be closed, and finally become space garbage floating in the universe. The revival of les-1 satellite 50 years later is very rare. Many people think that maybe the revival of this satellite is just a coincidence. If it is just a coincidence, how can there be so many coincidences in the world?


Some people think that there may be aliens controlling the satellite. Originally, there was no sign of it. The sudden resurrection 50 years later is indeed a problem worthy of attention. Others think that the satellite has failed. What do you think is the reason why this long lost satellite suddenly resurrected? You can leave a message for interaction.

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