A scientific theory, let people feel confused, it predicts the end of mankind

Millions of years ago, mankind was born. More than 5000 years ago, human civilization was formed. Hundreds of years ago, mankind embarked on the road of scientific and technological development. Throughout the whole course of human beings, although they have experienced countless sufferings, human beings have not been small. They have grown from a weak primitive civilization to a relatively developed scientific and technological civilization.

With the help of science and technology, human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe. The rapid development of science and technology is inseparable from those great basic scientific theories. Newton’s law of universal gravitation makes us realize the close relationship between gravity and the world. Einstein’s equation of mass and energy makes us realize that there is no difference between mass and energy. They are two forms of matter, which can transform each other under certain conditions.


The theory of relativity makes us realize the basic mystery of time and space. On the way of scientific exploration, countless scientific researchers have put forward many important scientific theories, some of which even subvert our cognition.

Even the various theories that subvert our cognition do not make people feel afraid. On the contrary, they are full of curiosity and endless desire for exploration. However, the emergence of a scientific theory makes people feel confused, even despair and fear. It foretells the end of mankind. So which scientific theory makes people despair? Now let’s have a brief discussion.

The Fermi paradox of despair


When people walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they all think of the same question: does alien civilization exist? From the perspective of the earth, many people may think that alien civilization does not exist. However, from the perspective of the universe, it is difficult for us to believe that alien civilization does not exist.

Scientists basically believe that there is an extraterrestrial civilization, so soon after human beings came out of the earth, they started the extraterrestrial civilization search program. Scientists are constantly searching for alien civilization through various methods, but more than half a century has passed, we have not found any.


In the 1950s, Enrique Fermi, a famous physicist, put forward a “Fermi paradox” which had a profound influence on later generations. “Fermi paradox” is a scientific paradox about aliens and Star Trek, which expounds the contradiction between overestimation of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization and lack of relevant evidence.

Speaking of the universe, I believe many friends will think of a word: vast. Yes, the vastness of the universe can be described as vastness. At present, the observable range of the universe has reached 93 billion light-years. Is this range very large? It’s too big for us to imagine. But for the vast space, it is only the observable range, and there are unknown and endless unobservable areas outside it. The real universe may be a terrifying number that suffocates us.

Let’s not think about the real size of the universe. It’s only 93 billion light-years that can be observed at present. The information contained in it can also directly hit our soul and shock human beings. According to the current observation and research, scientists believe that the whole observable range is about 100 billion “Milky Way”.


There are at least 10 billion stars in every galaxy. According to this data, the number of stars within 93 billion light-years will reach trillions, and each star basically represents a stellar system, in which there are different numbers of planets, including gaseous planets and rocky planets. So the number of planets in the observable range is too large to estimate.

Every star system should have a habitable zone, and there should be one or several earth like planets. Theoretically, as long as the rocky planets in the habitable zone have the conditions to form an ecological environment, they have the potential to become living planets. So, even if the probability of civilization is very small, there will be a large number of alien civilizations in the universe in theory.


It has been 13.8 billion years since the birth of the universe. In such a long span of time, there should be the birth of life planet and civilization. It takes only a few hundred years for human beings to develop from the initial industrial age to the present era of science and technology. For hundreds of years, mankind has stepped out of the earth and become a scientific and technological civilization that can preliminarily explore the solar system.

All this tells us that once there is a civilization with more than 100000 years of scientific and technological development, or even more than 1 million years of civilization, their scientific and technological level is no different from that of magic in human eyes. For a civilization that looks like a God in our eyes, there is no problem crossing the stars to the solar system. But why have we not found any traces of alien civilization in the universe until now? This is the core of Fermi’s paradox.

Fermi paradox tells us that theoretically, there should be a large number of interstellar civilizations in the universe, which can easily shuttle through various galaxies, leaving a lot of traces of activity. But the reality is that there is no discovery. Why?


In order to explain this strange situation, scientists have put forward many hypotheses about brain opening. No matter how attractive these hypotheses may be, brain holes are only brain holes after all, and there are not many scientists who agree with them. At present, the mainstream view of scientists on this strange situation is that the technological gap between alien civilization and us is not big.

Due to the exaggerated scale of the universe, if you want to travel freely between the stars, you need to master the technology of superluminal flight. At present, the curvature engine of scientists’ theoretical research can realize the preliminary superluminal flight, but only the legendary wormhole can realize the interstellar shuttle with a larger span.


If you don’t master curvature engine technology or wormhole technology, then civilizations can’t meet each other. Seeing this explanation from scientists, many people may be confused again: the age of the universe is 13.8 billion years old. How can it be that the scientific and technological strength of alien civilization is similar to that of human beings? If this is true, then we will have to think of a terrible cosmic rule “big filter”.

The so-called “big filter” means that the development of cosmic civilization will go through various stages, but one stage is very difficult to cross, that is, the threshold of interstellar civilization. Only by becoming an interstellar civilization can we initially shuttle between galaxies, and the symbol of becoming an interstellar civilization is to have superluminal technology, that is, to master the preliminary curvature engine technology.

This is a kind of space leaping technology realized by using the space distortion theory. Every cosmic civilization’s scientific and technological development speed is very fast, but in the end, it is stuck by the speed. The theory of relativity tells us that the speed of an object cannot exceed the speed of light, and can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. To break the limit of the speed of light, we must break the space.


The cosmic civilization encountered the important threshold of interstellar civilization, which could not cross the past, and finally disappeared in the universe. We need to know that the development of civilization needs infinite resources and energy. If we can’t get out of the interstellar space, a civilization will eventually be destroyed because of the depletion of resources.

Maybe the universe has given birth to countless civilizations in 13.8 billion years, but because it can’t cross the threshold of interstellar civilization, it can’t become an interstellar civilization. After consuming the energy of the parent star, the parent galaxy, civilization went to destruction. If no other civilization in the universe can cross this threshold and pass through the “filter”, what reason can human beings pass through? Perhaps the final outcome of mankind is the same, disappearing into the universe and becoming a passer-by of the universe.

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