A second Galaxy? 12 billion light-years away from the earth, why don’t humans explore?

Since mankind entered the modern society, we have been looking for the existence of extraterrestrial life and the second earth. With the continuous development of heavy industry, more and more greenhouse gases are emitted by human beings. The earth’s environment is no longer what it used to be. If we want to survive, we can only leave the earth and go to the next habitat. In the latest discovery of scientists, they have found 24 livable planets, and believe that in the future, it is not too far for human beings to realize space migration.


The appearance of a galaxy like galaxy

In the process of exploration, scientists have discovered a surprising situation. In such a large universe, there are galaxies similar to the Milky way. Is there a “brother” of the Milky way? This result is too crazy for us. Although we can enter the universe, we still can’t get out of the galaxy. The Milky way is the most special existence in the whole universe, and we are still unable to conduct a comprehensive exploration of the Milky way.


However, scientists have found that there is another galaxy in the universe, which is very similar to the Milky way in its environment and presents the same elliptical disk shape. There are countless planets and stars in this galaxy. The operation of this galaxy is very stable. Like our Milky way, it also radiates golden light around it. Scientists think that there may be planets that can give birth to life in this galaxy, which is just like a copy of the Milky way.


Why don’t humans explore?

Some people think that since we have found a second galaxy, why not explore it quickly? The fact is very cruel. Even if we find its existence, according to our technological level, it is impossible to go to this galaxy, because it is 12 billion light-years away from us. Because of its small size, some people think it is like the “brother” of the galaxy.


But strictly speaking, it is located at 12 billion light-years, which means that the Milky way we see is actually what it was 12 billion years ago, that is to say, it is actually the “ancestor” of the Milky way. Seeing this, many people have doubts. The universe only existed for 13.8 billion years. Did stable galaxies appear before the universe came into being?


At present, the answer is still unknown. In order to solve the secret of the inner galaxy, scientists are also in the process of continuous research. If we can solve the secret, we may find other livable planets, and human civilization will be around the corner. What do you think of this galaxy?

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