A simple physics experiment, but let scientists see the results of fear, what’s the matter?

Science is a great science. Since the beginning of scientific research and exploration, human civilization has entered the era of science and technology and opened a brilliant civilization process. Since then, mankind has opened a new era and started to go further to uncover the truth of the world.

As we all know, the progress of science is made up of numerous experiments. Without the summary of experiments, there would be no progress of science and the brilliant civilization of science and technology. On the road of scientific exploration, there are two directions, one is macro, the other is micro.

Macroscopic scientific research naturally makes people more receptive. Through macroscopic research, scientists have discovered the truth behind many things. But what is behind the macro, but let many scientists feel confused, until the emergence of micro. In the mid-16th century, when the first microscope was studied, people didn’t realize what the microscope meant to human beings.


At the beginning, scientists studied insects under a microscope, and for the first time saw a more mysterious microcosm. It was not until 1931 that Ernst Ruska made the “electron microscope” that mankind officially entered the atomic age. Since then, mankind has begun to use the microscope and other instruments to observe the biological and physical phenomena in the micro world. Through observation, scientists have found that the micro world is far more colorful than the macro world in which civilization is located. Organisms are composed of cells, a part of nature It can be divided into countless tiny parts.

In modern times, the research on the micro world has become the focus of the scientific community, thus forming an independent discipline – quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is a great science to study and explore the mysteries of the micro world. In a large number of micro explorations, scientists have also found many mysterious phenomena that subvert the macro scientific theory, such as “quantum entanglement”, “quantum superposition”, “tunneling effect” and so on.

These phenomena and laws in quantum mechanics are completely different from those in the macro world. We can’t explain these phenomena and laws in quantum mechanics with the macro physical theory. Famous scientists Schrodinger, Einstein and Planck are the founders of quantum mechanics. When they study quantum mechanics, they find these strange phenomena. The motion law between quantum is beyond their imagination.

For example, quantum entanglement phenomenon, two particles can not be hindered by space, distance and matter, and entangle with each other. Even if one particle is put into the black hole, another particle can entangle with the particles in the black hole. Such “supernatural” can not be explained by the theory of relativity. Einstein called this state “ghost”. The laws and theories in quantum mechanics form a system of their own. We can only study and discuss them if we completely distinguish the macroscopic theory of relativity from quantum mechanics.


In order to study quantum mechanics, scientists have carried out many experiments, one of which is very famous. Everyone has done such an experiment in high school. But such a simple high school physics experiment, but let scientists see the results of fear, what’s the matter?

This famous physical experiment is the quantum “double slit experiment”. I believe many people know and have done this experiment. In fact, it is to prove the wave particle duality of electrons. When scientists observe electrons and photons, they will find that electrons sometimes appear in the state of particles and sometimes in the state of waves, which makes scientists very puzzled. Why are the same kind of particles and there are two states?

Scientists have carried out an experiment for this phenomenon, that is, let the electron pass through a board with two channels. When the electron starts, it presents particle state. However, when it passes through the two channels, the screen behind it presents wave state. This phenomenon is called “wave particle duality”. It can be seen that quantum can have two states at the same time, namely superposition state. However, such a phenomenon can not exist in the macro world.


If the electron “double slit experiment” is just so simple, there will be no results that scientists will be afraid of. Until 1974, Professor Murray conducted the experiment again, trying to find out why this phenomenon appeared. This time, he made a change in the experiment, installing two cameras on the only way of the electron, trying to observe what happened when the electron moved No change.

Under normal circumstances, the installation of observation camera in the process of electronic experiment will not affect the results of the experiment. However, the results surprised the scientists. When the electron passed through the two channels again, the wave phenomenon disappeared and only appeared as a particle. What’s going on? Scientists later carried out many such experiments, the results are exactly the same, this is the famous “observer effect”.

When human beings observe, the quantum moves in a particle state, but when human beings do not observe, the two states of quantum exist at the same time. This result makes scientists afraid. Is quantum conscious? It can automatically distinguish whether human beings observe it or not? For this question, scientists have not yet come to a definite answer.

Some people may say that even if there is such a mysterious phenomenon in quantum mechanics, what does it have to do with us? Why are scientists afraid? Maybe many people don’t think much of this phenomenon in quantum, but when we think about it carefully, everyone of us will feel panic and fear.


As we all know, the world we can see is macroscopic, but the essence of the world is microscopic. That is to say, the mysteries of the macroscopic world can be explained by quantum mechanics. The law and operation of the quantum world determine that everything in the macro world, including all human activities, is affected by the quantum micro world.

Moreover, the “observer effect” also reminds scientists of a more terrible fact, that is, everything in our world, including our universe, may not really exist. Some people may say, how is this possible. Is it true that what we see is false? Without the “observer effect” carried out by scientists, no one would doubt the authenticity of the world.

But when we see the mysterious quantum phenomenon through the “observer effect”, the authenticity of the world is questionable. For example, we can see the moon in the sky because we are observing it. If we don’t observe it, does the moon really exist? Including everything in the universe, we only exist when we observe them. If we don’t observe them, do they still exist?


The more advanced and developed science is, the more confused we will feel about the world and the universe. Science is like this: it first discovers problems, first raises doubts, and then reveals the answers to the problems and the truth of the world through continuous experiments. As long as human science continues to progress and develop, one day we will uncover all the mysteries of quantum mechanics. Maybe at that time, we can go out of the universe and stand outside the universe to see what our universe looks like. Maybe when we are in the universe, we will feel that it is a real universe. But when we stand outside the universe, we may find that our universe is just a projection of a larger world.

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