A simple tap water experiment, inadvertently found new bacteria, eat “manganese” to obtain energy!

A simple tap water experiment, inadvertently found new bacteria, eat “manganese” to obtain energy!


There are many kinds of elements on the earth, such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and so on, which are all or indispensable parts. Because of their existence, they make up different components. There was once a biologist named Ledbetter who did an experiment in which manganese was mainly used. He put the jar in the sink for a long time. Because of his busy work, he forgot about it. After a few months, he suddenly found that the inside of the jar was full of black objects. He picked up the black objects and tested them with instruments and equipment, then he knew that it was oxidation.


This discovery made him ecstatic. It turns out that there are many bacteria in tap water, and they use it to get more energy. According to relevant media reports, after seeing the abnormal appearance of the jar, Ledbetter consciously thought it was caused by microorganisms. After testing, it was found that these manganese were actually eaten by bacteria, and manganese oxide was the product of their eating. There are so many bacteria in tap water that they live in underground water for a long time. A simple tap water experiment, inadvertently found new bacteria, eat “manganese” to obtain energy!


How is this bacterium produced?


This kind of bacteria metabolism is relatively slow, but it can produce very strong energy, this discovery for scientists to understand the groundwater system has a great role in promoting. In our daily life, we often encounter that water is blocked by manganese oxide. This situation has always been a puzzle. At the beginning, many scientists only speculated that it was bacterial decomposition that produced manganese oxide. Inadvertently, this experiment by lederbert confirmed that the bacteria in tap water could eat manganese and produce oxidation.


Manganese is not common in daily life, but it can be obtained through the corresponding chemical reaction. The bacteria in tap water need to react with manganese to produce a black object, namely manganese oxide. How can we not make scientists happy when we finally find the answer to the problem that has puzzled scientists for many years?


There are many similar experiments in nature


In fact, there are many phenomena in nature that can not be explained by science, but it does not mean that there is no answer. Science is rigorous, and the existence of some experiments may reveal important secrets by chance. Therefore, it is not easy for scientists to make such a great discovery because they have paid countless efforts behind it, Once again inspired scientists, there will be more secrets revealed by human beings in the future.


Once someone accidentally found a kind of food that can eat plastic. Because of the limitation, it has not been confirmed. Plastic is now an urgent problem. How to solve it has become the research direction of scientists. If people can find materials that can eat plastic in the future, plastic pollution will be saved. All the research will help scientists better understand that whether the oxide film or other experiments are worth doing. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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