A star that can hold five billion suns! Scientist: it takes seven hours to make a circle at the speed of light!

In the vast universe, there are many celestial bodies, and the earth on which human beings depend is only one of them.

We used to naively think that the earth is the center of the universe, but after so many years of exploration of the universe, we found that the earth is very small.


The earth is not only the center of the universe, but also the center of the solar system. The earth is just one of the planets in the solar system that revolve around the sun.

It is precisely because people have more knowledge of the universe that they can know the truth that there is a heaven outside.

In terms of volume and mass, the sun is the largest celestial body in the solar system. The volume of the sun is 1.3 million times that of the earth, and the mass of the sun is 330000 times that of the earth.


Is the sun the largest star in the universe?

In fact, the sun is just one of many stars in the universe. If you look at the solar system, you will find that there are many more powerful stars than the sun. For example, we are going to talk about the shield uy today.


UY scutellus is the largest star in the universe. It can hold 5 billion suns. Scientists say it takes seven hours to make a circle around its equator at the speed of light.

How fast is light?

The speed of light is the fastest speed of objects in the universe. Light travels at 299792458 meters per second in vacuum.


For the sake of simplicity, people often use 300000 kilometers per second to illustrate. People can’t see the speed of light. The speed of light takes only one second to make 7.5 circles around the earth, and the speed of light from the earth to the moon takes only 1.3 seconds.

This shows how huge the shield uy is.


The reason why uy scutellus is so huge is that it has evolved into the red supergiant stage of a star.

Generally, massive stars will become huge when they evolve to the red giant stage. Even when our sun evolves to the red giant stage, its volume will increase by 2-3 million times.

By then, it will be so big that even the orbit of our earth will be swallowed up, and the expansion is really frightening. But the mass of scutellus uy is relatively light, about 30 times that of the sun.


Why is the mass of the largest star in the universe only 30 times that of the sun?

At present, uy scutellus has reached the old age stage. It is a red super giant from a star. When a star forms a red giant, it only experiences a stage of volume expansion, but its internal mass will not change much.


Are you curious about the name of scutellus uy?

Shield uy was first catalogued by German astronomers at the Bonn Observatory in 1860. In the first survey, astronomers are completing the star survey of the Bonner durchmusterung catalogue.

So it is named bd-12 ° 5055, which is the 5055th star rising from 0h right between 12 ° s and 13 ° s.


Later, in the second survey, it was found that there was a new change in its brightness, indicating that it was a new variable star. According to the international variable designation, it is called uy scutella, which means it is the 38th variable in scutella.

Although uy is the largest star in the universe, it is about 9500 light-years away from earth, so we can’t see it with the naked eye.


But Xiaobian thinks that although we may feel sorry for not seeing this bright star, fortunately, because of the distance, we also avoided a disaster.

If it is less than 50 light-years away from the earth, when it evolves into a supernova explosion, it will destroy the earth’s atmosphere and destroy the earth.

What do you think of that? Welcome to comment area.


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