A strange black hole, about 250 million light-years away from the earth, emits super bright light every nine hours

There are countless celestial bodies in the vast universe. Stars and planets are two kinds of universal celestial bodies in the universe. They widely exist in every corner of the universe. In addition to these common celestial bodies, there are also some mysterious and powerful celestial bodies, such as neutron stars, pulsars and black holes.

Although neutron stars and pulsars are mysterious, we can still observe and study them effectively. However, we know very little about black holes. At present, all about black holes is just people’s conjecture theory. Black holes are very different from other celestial bodies. First of all, they have no clear physical structure. Unlike stars, planets and neutron stars, they all have very clear physical structure, which can be seen directly by us.

However, black holes are totally different. What we can see is only the accretion disk of black holes, that is, the dust ring formed by black holes when they devour celestial bodies or matter. The matter in the accretion disk constantly rubs to produce high-energy energy, radiates outward, and then is observed by our astronomical telescope. If there is no matter around the black hole to swallow, there is no obvious accretion disk, then it is completely invisible, we can’t see it at all.


We can only see the accretion disk of the black hole. How does its super strong mass and gravity come from? Scientists speculate that a black hole may be a singularity in essence. It is a matter with too much mass and too small a volume to be considered. The super density and super fast rotation make the space around the black hole time warp, thus forming the phagocytic black hole we see.

Scientists have observed a lot of supermassive black holes, their centers are basically showing a kind of flicker like a candle, which indicates that the black hole is swallowing up the matter to produce normal light flicker. However, scientists have found a strange black hole about 250 million light-years away from the earth. Its center will emit 100 times brighter than usual every nine hours. This is a very abnormal strange black hole.

The black hole, named GSN 069 by scientists, is a supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy about 250 million light-years away from earth. We can observe a black hole so far away, which shows that the black hole is very active. It is always devouring matter, forming a very bright accretion disk. Using the European Space Agency (ESA) XMM Newton telescope, researchers found that it has a burst of light more than 100 times every nine hours. What’s going on?

For this kind of strange black hole phenomenon, scientists see for the first time, behind any kind of strange phenomenon in the universe, there may be a huge secret. The strange phenomenon of GSN 069 black hole has naturally attracted great attention of scientists, but until now, researchers have not been able to make a definite explanation for this phenomenon.


Some scientists believe that there may be a gap or instability in the accretion disk, or something in the accretion disk itself may cause matter to lag behind the black hole in a very regular way. It’s also possible that there are other things around the black hole, such as another black hole that is also devouring matter.

GSN 069 black hole has a very regular brightness explosion every nine hours. It’s probably not an accident. There must be something we don’t know about in the black hole. This kind of event may be a natural phenomenon or a man-made phenomenon. Many people may see this strange phenomenon of GSN 069 black hole and think that it is caused by natural factors around the black hole, such as some influence in the accretion disk or another black hole around the black hole.

However, few people will suspect human factors. Our knowledge of black holes is so limited that it is not even skin deep. We have no idea what the essence of black hole is and what is inside it. However, when a civilization develops to the interstellar civilization, the exploration and understanding of black holes will be more in-depth.


Now we can only explore and understand black holes through astronomical telescopes, and the data we get may only be superficial. For an interstellar civilization, they have the ability of interstellar navigation and can naturally reach the center of the galaxy to observe and study black holes in a short distance. It is possible that advanced civilization has already known the nature of black holes, and then developed and utilized them.

This strange brightness change of GSN 069 black hole may be the result of some related experiments carried out by an advanced civilization. This is very similar to the abnormal changes in the brightness of stars. Scientists use telescopes to find the planets around the stars. The principle is that the planets block in front of the stars, causing the brightness of the stars to change.

In addition to normal conditions, the brightness of a star will change slightly, but if we observe that the brightness of a star has a very regular bright change, then the situation is normal. This time shows that there are huge unidentified objects around the star. Even if the celestial body moves around the star, no matter how big it is, it is impossible to cause a very huge bright change of the star.

At this time, scientists will guess that the Dyson sphere, a huge civilized building around the star, is designed to collect energy from the star. Only the super civilized building of the Dyson sphere can bring regular and huge changes of light to the stars. Therefore, scientists attach great importance to the observation and discovery of these special stars, because there may exist alien civilizations far more powerful than human beings.


It’s the same with the brightness change of black hole beyond the normal range, which indicates that there must be some major event around the black hole, which may be natural or man-made. Of course, we only speculate about the possible reasons for the strange phenomenon of GSN 069 black hole. No one knows what the real situation is.

250 million light-years, which is an unimaginable distance for human beings, the spacecraft needs a super speed far faster than the speed of light to reach. This kind of speed is not the ordinary speed of light can do, maybe only scientists’ theoretical guess of wormhole shuttle may be able to do. This kind of speed mode is too far away for us. At present, we don’t know when to realize the most basic sublight flight.

When human beings one day become an interstellar civilization and can fly at the speed of light, the first black hole to be explored will be the supermassive black hole in the silver center. As long as we completely solve the mystery of the black hole in the silver core, we may also uncover the mystery of all the massive black holes in the universe. Their mass may be different, but their essence may be similar.


Studying and exploring the mystery of black holes may be an important link for human beings to uncover the ultimate mystery of the universe. In the minds of scientists, there is another expectation for black holes, that is, black holes may be legendary wormholes. If human beings want to cross the Milky way to another distant galaxy, ordinary superluminal flight may not be able to do it, only through the legendary wormhole.

In the universe, there is a supermassive black hole in the center of every large galaxy like the Milky way. Is this a hint given by the rules of the universe? Perhaps the supermassive black holes in the center of every galaxy are not as simple as we think. They may not be a simple supermassive object, but a channel connecting different galaxies in the universe.

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